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MeWell that is me, Nicole, in the photo to the left – Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by. I am 41 years old (shhh) and a mother to a son who is 14 and a daughter who is 11. I also have the most loving supportive hubby ever (I am so lucky). I work from home and run my own business and am now sharing this part of my life with the world.

That picture of me was actually taken at about 5:00am on Monday January 23rd, just before leaving the house for my Gastric Bypass Surgery. I don’t look nervous do I? Well truth is I really wasn’t at all – I was more excited to finally be going and ready to start on my path to skinniness ( I mean getting healthy). Don’t get me wrong I have had my share of nerves, doubts and emotions throughout this entire process. It had seemed I was going through the motions forever since it was in December 2010 that I went to the Weight Loss Surgery Seminar, which was the first step in getting to where I am today. Yup it took over a year for me from start to finish, but every insurance company differs in what they require.

My insurance company required 6 months of nutrition counseling, psychological evaluation and release from various other doctors. So why did it take over a year? Well I missed an appointment or two in there and my original surgery date was set for October 12th, 2011 and my insurance company denied me. The reason for my denial was really my own fault – my weight fluctuated too much over the 6 months. I battled a pound up and down through out without any real weight loss.

It was devastating, but again my own fault – food once again became my nemesis. Lucky for me my insurance company said they wanted me to do 3 more months of nutrition counseling and they would reconsider (unheard of right?). So I told myself this was it, my last chance. So I worked real hard and lost a total of 11 pounds over that time – no not a lot but I had a steady weight loss and it was good enough for the insurance company. I was shocked when I got the call on January 5th telling me I was approved – so many emotions – all good ones of course !!

So I wanted to share My Gastric Bypass Story – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I found it so helpful when trying to prepare myself emotionally for what was to come reading the blogs and watching the videos people had made documenting their progress. One thing I cannot stress more is that this is My Story and yours will not be the same – everyone’s story is different. I hope by following along with me I may inspire you to make the change yourself or help you decide this is not for you. I also hope to make new friends along the way, share recipes and products that I think can be useful and just have fun documenting my progress.

So what do you think? Want to follow along?

My Story is going to very entertaining I am sure, it always is.

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