Dr. Oz weighs in on Gastric Bypass Surgery


DR OZDr. Oz has been a very big advocate for Gastric Bypass Surgery. He has had a couple shows on Gastric Bypass, as well as written some good articles about his thoughts also.

I can remember watching one of Dr. Oz’s shows he had on back in 2011 about Gastric Bypass Surgery. At that time I was already going through the motions, but I can remember being so happy that he had only good things to say. I can also remember looking up some of the articles he had written online after the show.

I had read one that he wrote for Prevention Magazine 8/2011 and there was this part that really stuck out to me and I have never forgotten it. This is what Dr. Oz said: “Yes. Listen, if you’re one hundred pounds overweight at age fifty, you have the same mortality rate as if you have a solid cancer. Would you operate for cancer? Yeah. So if you cannot lose that weight, get one of these procedures. You have to do it with counseling and full awareness of what you’re doing, of course. But if you get people to start losing 5% of their excess body weight, you’re really taking a big whack out of the two-thirds of Americans.”

I mean come on – how much sense does that make? A lot. Something you should think about if you are considering Bariatric Surgery. If there is a treatment out there that can make you well – then why pass it up? That is what I said.

Ironically on January 23rd, 2012, the same day of my Gastric Bypass Surgery, Dr. Oz aired another show all about it. He called Gastric Bypass the Underperformed Surgery and states that only about 1-2% of those who qualify for the surgery get it done. I was so surprised at those numbers – I really thought it would have been more.

So why do you think the numbers are so low? Well because for one people are scared of the surgery. One of the reasons I had hesitations at first. Many have heard horror stories about it. You have to remember that Bariatric Surgery has come a long way and the risks are there as with any surgery, but they are rare. You also have to keep in mind that the horror stories always get way more attention then all the success stories out there.

Maybe another reason may be that you think it is a cop out. This is another thing I thought as well, but I came to realization that it was not at all. Having surgery is a very big decision and life long commitment – so it was not a cop out at all – it was me taking control over my life – I just needed help. Don’t be embarrassed by your decision – you have to own it !!

Another very exciting thing about Gastric Bypass that Dr. Oz wanted to get across is the fact that if you have Type 2 Diabetes – that 80% of those will be cured overnight after surgery. That means those patients will go home free of all meds and shots – can you imagine? That alone is amazing and the weight loss is just a bonus if you ask me.

How do you know if you qualify for Gastric Bypass Surgery? Here is a checklist that was shared on Dr. Oz’s show:

  1. Do you have a BMI over 35 and an obesity related disease? such and Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure etc..
  2. Have you been unable to maintain significant weight loss through diet and exercise?
  3. Can you commit to life long change?

If you have answered YES to those then I recommend talking with your doctor about the first steps to having the surgery.

Why live your life not living your life?

I am still in the beginning stages of my Gastric Bypass Surgery being just at my 2 week post op as I write this, but I know I made the right decision for me. I also hope I can help others take control of their lives in the same way.

Way to Go Dr. Oz for using your platform (TV) to let others know that Bariatric Surgery is no longer the last resort and more should take advantage of what is available for them.

Vitamins I now take after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Vitamins I now take

Vitamins I now takeI thought I would do a quick post talking about the vitamins I now take on a daily basis. Vitamins are so important after Gastric Bypass and these will have to be taken everyday for the rest of my life.

If you are going to be having Gastric Bypass one thing you have heard about is the importance on taking vitamins to avoid vitamin deficiency. See Gastric bypass and other types of bariatric surgery dramatically alter your body’s ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the smaller amounts of food you’ll be eating. The resulting vitamin and mineral deficiencies can have serious medical implications. I am not gonna get all medical on you since I am not a doctor – they get paid the big bucks for that not me.

Also note that every doctor will have different requirements on what it is that they want you to take after surgery – I am only going to be sharing what I take to give you an idea.

It really is not that bad at all. Here is my list:

  • Multi Vitamin – I use the Flintstones Gummies and in true child fashion I look at it everyday to see who I will be eating – just adds an element of excitement to my day – I love seeing Dino – just sayin’
  • Citrical Calcium Gummies – 2 of the gummies equals – 500mg so I chew 6 per day and not all at the same time for a total of 1500mg daily. After these are gone I may change this out for a different brand of capsules, chewable or liquid in a higher dose per serving. Seems like the way I am doing it will get pricey. I will keep you informed.
  • B-12 Sublingual 500mcg – I take one of these a day and it is just a tiny cherry flavored pill you put under your tongue and it dissolves.
  • Biotin – Added in at Week 6 – Helps with possible Hair Loss and keeping my Nails Strong
  • Omeprazole – Added in Week 6 to help coat my stomach (no longer taking)
  • Vitamin D 1000 – I take this due to low Vitamin D levels something I have dealt with prior to surgery

The coolest part about my vitamins is that they are all yummy. It is not like the horse pills that leave a horrific taste in your mouth so I actually look forward to taking them each day. I was allowed to start taking my vitamins daily when I reached the pureed stage of my post op which was at around day 10.

Where did I buy my Vitamins – For me I just went to my local CVS – they always run great deals like Buy 1 Get 1 Free – so I got good prices and always search for coupons, which I did as well for the Flinstones and Citracal. You can also find great deals online – just up to you.

In addition to those I have other daily meds I take which I am allowed to swallow because they are not big at all. I also take a weekly Vitamin D pill due to a previous Vitamin D Deficiency not related to my surgery. (Vitamin D now taking is a daily Supplement vs. the prescription)

I do not have to take an iron pill since I have had a hysterectomy, but if you are female and still have your parts – this may be one they will add on as well.

At this time I have not had a blood test to check my vitamin levels – I may be given that when I see my surgeon on February 21st for my first post op appointment. I will keep you updated on that.

If you are like me and horrible at remembering to take your vitamins and meds then I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself a Pill Organizer. Hubby picked me up a nice one cause he knows me like a book. I have made it a point that every Monday will be my fill day which is perfect because Monday’s are my weigh in days too.

Do not forget to get one because it will make your life so much easier and save you from forgetting to take those vitamins.

There are 1,000′s of Pill Organizers on the market in every color, size, weekly, monthly, some with timers etc… So no excuses !!

Just a little FYI for ya all – As I stated above I chose to take the Flintstone Vitamin Gummies for my multi vitamin. I am sad to say that you only have a choice between Fred, Pebbles and Dino. I know it is shocking and sad – my thoughts exactly. Ulike the Flintstone Chewables where you can have your choice of Fred, Pebbles, Bam Bam, Barney, Wilma, Dino, Betty and the Great Gazoo – I love Gazoo !! I feel ripped off. Wonder if I can change to chewables – on my question list for my doctor. lol


2-27-2012 I have added in Biotin (Week 6)

2-28-2012 I have added in Omeprazole (Week 6)


Stopped taking Omeprazole