Second Bathing Suit purchase since my surgery


Yup I did it again and this year was more fun than last. Just as I had said in my post from last year: OMG I bought a new Bathing Suit, shopping for bathing suits has never been a favorite thing to do for me. But this year shopping for them was not so bad and I had even more that I liked on me to choose from.

So that is me in the photo sporting my new bathing suit for this year and I just love it. It is not only comfy, but I think it looks pretty good as well. When I was at the store it was so nice to be able to pick from the non plus sized section and so many more choices. I was shopping with my daughter and she was cracking up at me as I filled my arms up with tons of them to try on to find the one that I liked the best.

From my pile I had 3 in the end that I liked and in the end chose the one you see. Of course it happened to be the most expensive of them all too – go figure. BUT I just loved the fit and how it felt on and said screw it. I ended up going with the swim shorts vs. a swim skirt again because I just feel more comfortable in those bottoms and they also help to hide my heavy thighs which is still the heaviest part on my body and also one of the places I seem to have some excess skin.

I really did not think I was much different from last year until I put the pictures side by side. Last June 2012 I weighed 233 lbs and this year right now I am 174 lbs a difference of 59 lbs. What was I thinking that is a BIG difference.

This year my bathing top is a size 14/16 and the bottoms are an 18. I could fit in the size 16 bottoms, but felt more comfy in the 18 thanks to my big ass.

Last year my top was a size 18 and the bottoms were a size 22.

So now I am ready to get in the pool and sport my suit – I must tell ya it feels so good to not feel a whale in the water anymore. What a great feeling, life is good.

I just have to work on getting my legs tightened up and in shape!!

Stay Tuned…