Lisa Lampanelli has the Gastric Sleeve

Lisa Lampanelli Weight Loss

Another Celebrity opts for Weight Loss Surgery. Lisa Lampanelli just recently revealed that her and her hubby both had the Gastric Sleeve.

Lisa Lampanelli appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show Bethenny Ever After on July 9th and came clean about her recent surgery. Both her and her hubby had it done after years of trying all the other diets without success and facing some health issues – sound familiar?

I had fun watching Lisa on Celebrity Apprentice – she definitely made it that much more entertaining. She may lose her bigger size body, but she will not lose that BIG mouth that is for sure. All is good – I have a big mouth too and I actually enjoy her raunchy humor.

She had said on the show in just 10 weeks that she was down 52 pounds and feeling great. Her hubby at the same time was a bit ahead of her with his weight loss, but men tend to lose quicker anyways.

I say way to go Lisa and Jimmy on making a decision that will be life changing to you both. I also say another thanks to Lisa for speaking about it and not taking any offers from some of those diet plans who would be willing to pay big bucks for publicity.

I wish them both success with their new lifestyle and will be watching photos to see them change along the way – that is always fun.

So now we can add Lisa Lampanelli to the list of Celebrities who have had Weight Loss Surgery.