Check out my new Ceramic Candle Warmer Crock

Ceramic Candle Warmer Crock

I am so excited about my new Ceramic Candle Warmer Crock that I have to tell you all about it. I told you when I find things I love I always share because I did not even know these existed until a couple weeks ago – where have I been?

So here is how I found about about these – you all know I just got new appliances a few weeks ago and I always have a candle that sits on my stove top. Now I like a warmer that heats up my candles vs. having to light them due to obvious fire reasons. I have always just used your basic warmer – the ones you would also use for your coffee mugs. It would just warm up my candle and allow it to give off its smell. I had a black one originally and that one broke and then I got a white one which I have always hated cause it did not match my kitchen.

So when I got my new stove it stood out and looked horrible so I went in search for a new candle warmer I came across these Ceramic Candle Warmer Crocks that hold the entire jarred candle and fell in love. Honestly I had never seen these before and got so excited!!! The next hard part was choosing which one to get since there are so many awesome choices. I ended up choosing this Ceramic Rustic Brown one by Candle Warmers Etc.and it was only $19.75 with free shipping on Amazon – BONUS!!!

So I figured if I was getting this new awesome candle warmer I should get a good candle to go in it. So I figured I would cave and spend money on a Yankee Candle which I had never done before since I am so cheap – lol. Well we all know how many scents there are so time to have my head spin again choosing which one to get. I only like sweet smells and in addition to that my husband has bad asthma so I have to be very careful that I get something that will not bother him as well.

So in the end I chose the Yankee Candle Large 22-Ounce Jar Candle, Christmas Cookie it got great reviews and I love the Sugar Cookie smell candles and this is just like that. Of course the candle cost me more than the damn warmer at $30 bucks, but it was a treat to myself. Secret – I never had a large Yankee Candle before !! OMG I was so exited and could not wait for delivery, I know pathetic right?

Ceramic Candle Warmer Crock

I was like a kid on Christmas when my package came – I could not believe how excited I was for a candle – yup this is what happens when we get old I think. Anyway – look at how much nicer that looks on my stove vs. the old ugly white warmer. I am in LOVE. But does it work?

The new warmer has a switch right on the cord (my old one did too) so I inserted my Yankee Candle and turned that baby on. Initially it took a couple hours for the candle to get warm enough and turn to liquid in the crock, but once it did my kitchen smelt delicious as if I was baking lots of cookies. I was almost attempted to get a spoon and eat my candle, but no worries I knew better.

It seems the next day when I used it it took less time for the candle to liquify and it still smells yummy!!!

I LOVE my new Candle Warmer Crock and highly recommend everyone get one!!!!

My next Yankee Candle scent will be : Vanilla Cupcake!!!