Why am I always so Cold? Did the Snow Miser visit me in my sleep?


WinterEver since my Gastric Bypass Surgery I have been unusually cold. Is this a side effect from the surgery or am I just plain old cold?

Let me start by saying I have never liked the cold or shall I say being cold, but most don’t. I also do not like it when it is real hot and I am hot. I am most happy on a 65-70 degree day. With that being said I am not happy either way Cold or Hot and I am one big whiner when it happens. My family knows all too well. I would like to take this moment to thank them for putting up with me, thanks all !!

BUT ever since my surgery I have been noticeably colder than normal even in my house. It is not all the time, but when I am cold it is different than before – I am freezing down to the bones and I can swear my nose feels like ice. When this happens I get all the way under my Snuggie and have to cover my nose to help warm me up and even that does not always work.

In the beginning I thought it was from something I ate, and at times it still can be, and I even mentioned it to my Nutritionist at my first visit when I was 4 weeks post op. She had told me the cold can be a form of “Dumping Syndrome” and I excepted that since it was so much better than the I am gonna die feelings other get. I have yet to get that and hope I never do, but you never know.

Prior to surgery I really never wore a heavy winter coat and wear short sleeves year round. Since the surgery I have been wearing my sweat jacket around in the house – so unlike me. So what gives? Not sure but I have been doing some research to see if it can all be related.

I found this very interesting:

The funny this is I also have reduced energy, cold intolerance obviously and I am losing weight at a slow rate. My surgeon did tell me at my 4 week post op visit that I have a slow metabolism and that can be a cause of the slow weight loss so I knew that.

I go for my blood work up this month and now I need to check to be sure they are doing this free-T3 evaluation.

It could also be just one of the other side effects of Gastric Bypass. Many people who have had the surgery will experience Cold Intolerance this happens because of the large amount of weight loss which equals loss of insulation and less energy generation. Ok makes sense. Our bodies have just been traumatized and even our internal thermostats are confused. I have read that this usually goes away once our weight stabilizes. I still have a long road ahead of me before that happens – oh joy.

On a happier note it is spring and summer is not far off. So hopefully the sun can keep me warm. But I am sure I will complain then too that I am too hot. I am hopeful by the time the real hot weather gets here that I will have had lost a few layers and not be as hot in past years. We will see. It may be an epic fight between the Cold Miser and the Heat Miser. Oh and I also read that patients who exercise experience less chilling than patients who do not exercise. I guess there is no better time then now to get myself on my treadmill which I have been putting off huh?

I have my 3 month post op appointment coming up and this has been added to my list scroll of questions. I also want to ask if constant Goose Bumps can be dangerous – lol. I will update when I have more answers.
So if you are like me and freezing your butt off since Gastric Bypass Surgery – you are not crazy, cold but not crazy.

Warm thoughts being sent your way !!

P.S. – Please send them my way too – I can use a lot !!