My after Gastric Bypass Wish List – Do you have one?

Wish List

Wish ListHave you made a list of all the things you would like to do after Gastric Bypass when you lose the weight? If not you should, it is great way to keep you motivated and on track to accomplish all the things you dream about being able to do again.

Prior to me having my Gastric Bypass surgery I decided to start a list of all the things I looked forward to once I lost the weight. When I was deciding on having the surgery I still questioned if I was making the right choice – I had many lists of pros and cons written out and obviously in my case the pros one.

But also having a Wish List of all the things you dream about being able to do again is so helpful especially after the surgery when you may be having a rough patch in your journey. It is nice to look back at your list and be reminded as to why you made the choice to have the surgery and even better when you can look at it and start checking things off that you have accomplished.

So if you have yet to make your Wish List I highly suggest you get on it !! Everyone has different wishes and dreams from simple things to big ones. I am going to share my list below and I bet you will see some things that will probably be on your list as well. My list continues to grow even now – I often think of something new to add.

My Wish List of things I would like to be able to do once I get this damn weight off:

(in no particular order)

  • Cross my legs without helping one over the other ✔
  • Fit into a chair without my butt hanging out the sides or the fear it will stay attached when I get up ✔
  • Wear my wedding rings again ✔
  • Polish my toes nails and being able to breath while bending over to do so ✔
  • Shave my legs quickly having less surface to cover
  • Be able to see that I have knees under the fat
  • Walking without my legs rubbing together
  • Not mistaking my underwear in the laundry pile with my daughter’s shirt
  • Wear a tank top in public
  • Wear fancy underpants that come with a matching bra
  • Shop in the regular clothing section
  • Stop knocking things over in the stores with my butt
  • Wear shorts that are short
  • Feel decent in a bathing suit
  • Wear shirts in a size with no X
  • Be able to tuck a shirt in
  • Be whistled at like in the old days
  • Not fearing having to step on a scale at the doctor’s office
  • Not always feeling like the fat person in the room
  • Feeling Healthy ✔
  • Being a role model for others
  • Being able to wear clothes that are actually in fashion
  • Fit in an airline seat and not have to ask for an extender for the seat belt
  • Be able to ride any ride at the amusement park
  • Have hubby be able to pick me up
  • Be in pictures without hiding behind others
  • Be able to run
  • Get a new hairstyle to go with the new me
  • See friends and family I have avoided due to my weight
  • Get a job outside the home
  • Do more physical activities with the kids
  • Lose 50lbs ✔
  • Lose 100lbs
  • Hit my goal weight of 150lbs
  • Wear a size 9/10 pant
  • Feel sexy
  • Feel like me again
  • Make it to ONEderland

These are some of the main things I have on my Wish List and I hope to be able to check them all off at some point. But this list is what keeps me motivated each and every day. Having Gastric Bypass Surgery is a rolleroaster ride of ups and downs and the times I am on the down – just looking at this list helps keep me focused. Keeps my eye on the prize !!

So if you do not have your own Wish List get that pen out or type one up – I am tellin’ ya it helps.

What are you waiting for? Go Go Go….