The Twins are shrinking – Wooo Hooo


I have shared in a past post, about my favorite bra and now I have a new favorite I have to share. While I still love my old one it was time that I downsized.

It all came about at my ONEderland Party when my mother in law and sister in law gave me gift cards to the mall to celebrate my weight loss success so I can purchase a few new things for myself. They told me I should get a new bra. I was like “what?”. They said the one I was wearing did not look like it was giving me enough support.

Now I was wearing the Genie Bra and it is one of my favorite bras I have ever owned, BUT I have had them for quite some time and the twins have shrunk and I did not even notice that it probably was not holding me they way it did when I first got it. Thanks to my in laws honesty and my new found paranoia I decided it was time to get a new one to bring those babies back up.

My sister had taken a part time seasonal job in the mall in a big department store and worked in the bra section a few times and saw this one bra being bought over and over and raved about by many women, so she told me about it. So just the other day I went to the mall to check it out and try them on since I had no idea what size I am in now. The bra is by Bali and it is called the Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra and it is super soft. I tried on a bunch of different sizes until I found one that fit.

Are you ready for this? Prior to my Gastric Bypass Surgery I was wearing a 44DD – this new bra is a 40C. I could not believe it and it is beyond comfortable, just like my Genie Bras. I could not believe the difference in my profile wearing this new bra compared to my Genie Bra – it was like I got a boob job. The twins were hanging out up where they should be, even if they had lots of help to get there.

I will however replace my Genie Bras since I loved the way they fit, but with a much smaller size than I was wearing. So there you have it my shrinking twin story. Life is good!!!

If you are in the market for a new bra like me – look for this one and give it a try – it does also come with wires if that is what you prefer.

P.S. – Walked in the room wearing my new bra under my shirt and hubby noticed the difference right away, his smile told me it fit well – lmao.