Acne after Gastric Bypass Surgery – Really?


PimplesSo yet another fun possible side effect of Gastric Bypass, Acne – YES PIMPLES!! Not everyone will experience this, but for those of us who do it is not pretty.

Unfortunately I am one of them – yup it is true I have PIMPLES !! I am one of those that never even broke out when I was going through puberty. I was always told how nice my completion was etc… Well now when I sit and watch TV and those Proactivcommercials come on, instead of me feeling bad for the people they show, it has changed too “Hmmm I think I need to order some of that”

Now don’t get me wrong my face is not totally covered in pimples, but I have some patches of them, for me it is more than the norm. I take very good care of my skin so I know when I see changes and you can not miss some of these. Can I just say I hate Pimples? OK thanks, I hate Pimples.

So why am I thinking the Gastric Bypass Surgery is causing my break outs? Well I am not totally saying it is, BUT it sure is a coincidence that these breaks outs started afterwards don’t ya think?

Lots of things can cause pimples such as; stress, make-up, medicines and HORMONES. Oh did I mentions hormones? Well after Gastric Bypass Surgery our hormones are all over the place. Acne flares up when hormone levels change. Our hormones may be all over the place until the point where our weight starts to stabilize. Ugh for me that will be awhile, so what do us who are dealing with this issue do?

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Buy some of that Proactiv
  • Get a Paper Bag and put it over my head, but make sure to cut eye holes out first
  • Wear a Ski Mask
  • Hide under a Rock

Those are just some my ideas, but really there is nothing more we can do then ride the wave I guess and make sure to take care of our skin. Oh and lots of concealer helps too !!

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