My clothes shopping RANT


Today my daughter and I went to the mall to do some shopping and my plan was to get a couple new things for me as well. Guess what I got? FRUSTRATED !!

I have never been one that liked shopping for clothes – even back in the day when I was young and thin. It is just not one of my favorite things to do. BUT being I have lost some weight and the clothes I have are getting pretty big I thought I should look for a couple new things to tie me over for a bit.

So with that said I tried to do just that. Well I am still not small enough to fit into what I call “Normal Sizes” – I am still wearing a 22 size pant (thanks to my Big Ass gene that runs in the family) and prefer my shirts baggy so I get them a bit bigger. So I still have to shop in Women’s sizes right now. Well if you have ever shopped in the Women’s section it sucks. Not only is the selection sparse the choices are HORRIBLE – I just don’t get it.

Why is it that if you are larger in size you have to dress like your 90 years old. Are the designers of larger size clothes out of touch or what? Is there a reason someone of a larger size has to wear ugly floral patterns or even worse horizontal stripes? Or how about tops that look like you are not only big, but pregnant as well with unflattering shapes. Come on designers what gives? Are you all puffing on the pipe or what?

I am not saying there are no nice plus size clothing out there, but if you wear it I know you know what I am talking about. I went to multiple stores today and have been dealing with this since I have crossed into those sizes and it is a nightmare to say the least. After looking for hours I ended up coming home with 1 pair of shorts that I am not crazy about and 1 tank top. I then told myself I am done with shopping for clothes until I cross back over into regular sizes and have a variety of choices that suit my taste and age. So I will continue to wear my too big clothing until that happens.

I cannot wait until I get to the point of being out of plus size clothing – I am soooo over it. I am so close to crossing over, but just not quite there. A couple more months and I think I will be there, but it cannot come soon enough.

Oh I feel much better getting that out, but again Plus Size Clothing Designers – You Suck. Ok I think that is a great way to end my Rant don’t ya think?