Drawers were dropping at the support group this week

Support Group

So for the first time since I have had Gastric Bypass Surgery I attended one of the group support meetings. This meeting was extra special though..it was their annual “Drop your Drawers Fashion Show”.

A friend of mine is now in the early steps of having the surgery herself and thought it would be fun to attend the meeting and asked me to go with her. She was excited for this meeting and to be honest so was I. The “Drop your Drawers Fashion Show” is where others who have gone through Bariatric Surgery get to strut their stuff on stage wearing their old clothing on top of their new smaller size clothing and when every one says – Drop your Drawers they do just that and they get to show off their success.

It is a great motivator for both the pre surgery guests as well as post surgery guests to see how great they look, but also how great they feel. The participants in the show ranged from 8 years post op to just a few months and the transformations were very inspiring. I love to see before and afters just like everyone else and let me tell you each and everyone was amazing to see.

It is funny how everyone in the room has a different story to tell, but in the end we are all there for the same reasons – to be healthy!! One thing all of them said is the best thing since going through the Weight Loss surgeries is how much energy they now have and how great they feel and I can vouch for that as well.

Having Weight Loss Surgery is not an easy fix and everyone has to work hard to have success. It was great to hear their stories and to see that success at the meeting last night and hopefully next year I can be on that stage and strut my stuff. I missed out this year because I learned about it too late, but I did sign up to share my story and talk at the next meeting in October.

So a shout out thank you goes out to The Reading Weight Management Center and all of those involved with putting together the meeting last night – it truly was inspiring and will hopefully keep me on track to be up there next year. My friend was also given a look into what could be her future and how good she will feel afterwards as well.

When was the last time you attended a Support Group? Just sayin’