I was possessed and had a Late Night Sugar Binge

late night sugar binge

OMG OMG OMG I became possessed last night like never before and had a late night sugar binge. This happens to be one of the craziest things I have ever done and I cannot believe it even happened.

So here is the story… Let me start off by saying prior to me having Gastric Bypass Surgery I have never been a huge sweet eater. Yeah the occasional donuts, cookies, pieces of cake and even a candy bar now and then was about it. I have never been that girl who needs a chocolate fix or anything else. I was always a starch baby – I lived for pasta, bagels and bread – carbs carbs carbs. Carbs have always been my downfall.

Since having the surgery I have divorced all the carbs for the most part because they make me dump if I have too many or put me into what I call a carb coma – so that is a good thing. BUT this past year I have noticed that on occasion I crave candy for the first time in my life. Candy like sour patch kids, taffy, jelly beans and that crap. Obviously I do not go crazy and eat a ton of it or I will dump, but every now and then I find that I need to have a few pieces. Well last night I became possessed by the sugar monster – almost like an outer body experience.

So late last night I had a bowl of Froot Loops – I have been having cereal from time to time with minimal issues (also depends on how much I eat too). Not long after that I went to bed. It was maybe and hour or so after that I woke up sweating like crazy and feeling weak and shaky. I was so sweaty that I immediately took the PJ pants I was wearing off and my hair was even wet – it was gross. I knew I must have been dumping from the cereal, but I also had this immediate need for sugar – CANDY.

So I got out of my bed my legs all wobbly from being shaky and walked downstairs to my kitchen, pulled up a chair in front of my baking cabinet filled with every kind of candy u can think of (I use all this for my business when I make cupcake & cake creations) sat down and just started eating candy. I ate jelly beans, nerds (which were so tasty by the way), gummy bears, some M&Ms, red cherry candy things and a fruit roll up which I brought back to bed with me.

I am not kidding – this really happened. I then went back to bed and never woke up again until morning. When I told hubby in the morning he did not believe me and I wish I was lying.

I freakin’ had a late night binge – I never in my life had one and I find this just crazy don’t you? It was like my body had a drop in sugar and said “Go Eat Candy!!” – so I did.

Please tell me I am not the only one who this has happened to – PLEASE. I think I may have to lock up my cabinet so this does not happened again – strangest thing ever. I may have to add this one of my list of questions for the next time I see my surgeon – I think I have a 2 year follow up at some point in time. Hmmm or maybe I should just keep this one a secret.

Oh and BTW – I had about 5 trips to the bathroom this morning – belly was not happy – lmao.