My Latest Obsession ~ Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Yes I have a new Obsession and I have to share it with all of you. Have you ever used Coconut Oil? If not you better go get some and be prepared to become obsessed with it as I have.

So here is how this new obsession of mine got started. I adopted the newest member of my family in December – an adorable Hairless Chinese Crested Puppy we named “Cupcake”. Being she is a hairless breed her skin needs extra care with moisturizers. One day while I was in Petsmart shopping for goodies for my huge furry family I stopped in to talk to the groomer for a product recommendation for Cupcake’s skin. She told me a great product to use for her skin would be Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

So on my way home I stopped at the local Vitamin Store and picked up a jar. I have never heard of this before. I opened the jar because I had to smell it and it smelt like the beach to me – a nice Coconut scent and I LOVE Coconut. It says on the jar some of the uses for it such as cooking and using as a moisturizer just to name a couple. The consistency reminded me of Crisco Oil – solid like that and just like Crisco when it heats up it turns to oil. So I had to try some out on my hands and afterwards my hands were soft and smelled yummy!!!

I ended up chatting with the breeder of Cupcake and asked her about using Coconut Oil for her skin and she told me it was not a great idea for her because the oil can clog her pours and told me of other products I should use. So I could not waste the jar of it and so I started using it myself as a moisturizer for my face, hands, legs and everywhere else. Since I started using the Coconut Oil My skin has never looked so good – especially my face. I am truly amazed at how smooth my face and skin looks and I am not lying when I say this – the wrinkles around my eyes are a lot less noticeable.

One night I decided to try it as a hair conditioner, because you can use it for that too. So before bed I applied a bunch (probably more than u should use) to my hair.I put my hair up and left it on while I slept to let it really do its magic. Oh I did cover my pillow with a towel so it would not get all greasy. So the next morning I washed my hair as normal and I was amazed at how super soft the Coconut Oil made it. I am tellin’ ya I LOVE this stuff.

My daughter has made fun of me because everyone I talk to I tell about it now – I am like a live infomercial, but I think everyone needs to know about how A-Mazing it is. My skin is so soft and I smell yummy all the time now – well if you like the smell of Coconuts of course.

There are so many uses for Coconut Oil it will blow your mind – who knew? I feel like I discovered gold. I have to get another jar for my kitchen so I can cook with it and also add it my dogs food – yes it is great for the pets as well for so many different things. Here let me share some more info and uses you can use this for:

What exactly is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm.

What are some of the uses for Coconut Oil?

There are so many, but I will give you some of the best ones….

  • Moisturizer – Makes skin so soft and will help with those wrinkles
  • Hair Conditioner – Use for a deep condition or put on your dried or split ends when you hair is dry – also helps those fly aways
  • Make-Up Remover – Yes it is AWESOME to use to remove Mascara and Make-Up
  • Before and after Shaving – This is great to use to shave your legs instead of shaving cream and will keep your legs super soft and give you an awesome close shave – then finish off with some more to keep those legs looking soft and sexy.
  • Burns and Scars – Coconut Oil is great on burns for relief and it also is great on scars to lesson the appearance of them.
  • Toothpaste – Yes you read that right – just combine some of the Coconut Oil with equal parts of Baking Soda and say hello clean and sparkly teeth. You can mix up a batch and store it in the fridge.
  • Cooking – Fry with it, bake with it and so much more. It replaces your Vegetable Oil for a great tasting addition and a lot more healthy – you can Google lots of ways to cook with it.
  • Massage Oil – Get your spouse or loved one to slather some of this on your back and work those muscles – you will get a massage and moisturized at the same time!!! Woo Hooo
  • Lips – Use it as a natural Chap Stick – loves this and it tastes good when you lick your lips.
  • Pets – I have read it is great for the dogs to get rid of bad breath, their coat, arthritis, diabetes and help aid in their digestion.

I can go on and on and on – Just Google all the uses and benefits of Coconut Oil and it will blow your mind as it has mine.

All I can say from here is go buy some and see for yourself – just make sure to get the Virgin Coconut Oil. Let me know what you think, but be prepared to become addicted like I have and I warned you!!!

This concludes my Blog Post Infomercial – LMAO !!