My twelfth week after Gastric Bypass

Week 12Another week down, but this was one Crazy Week for sure. Things were all off for me this week between my daughter getting her braces on and my hubby ending up in the hospital.

So my week started off with my daughter getting her braces put on on Monday along with this crazy herbst appliance that will pull her bottom jaw forward to correct her overbite. She did great and was so excited to finally get them on, but Tuesday when she was due to go back to school from spring break she needed another day off due to soreness.

Then on Wednesday I had to bring my hubby to the ER for a bad Asthma Exacerbation. I think he caught my son’s virus and it went right to his lungs. It is a very long story, but my husband has COPD among other lung issues that steamed from a dust exposure at work 5 years ago and when he gets sick it effects his lungs very bad. It makes his breathing horrible and takes him 2 times longer to recover.

So I brought him to the ER Wednesday evening and they admitted him and did not let him go home until Sunday. So needless to say my week consisted of driving back and forth to the hospital, stress and having my eating schedule all off. I did the best I could under the circumstances. If anything I did not eat as much as I should have, nor did I get in all my protein or my liquid daily.

Here is what I ate so you can see each day for the twelfth week:

(I am not gonna add the times on – just the order in which I ate)

April 9th

  • Water (drank over the course of the day) with 4C Light Iced Tea Mix
  • Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer (1/2 mug)
  • Picked at some Green Beans
  • Watermelon
  • 1/4 Cup Smoked Almonds
  • 1/2 Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread with Mayo, Salt & Pepper
  • Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer
  • Handful of Special K Cracker Chips – Sour Cream & Onion

Today my daughter got her braces put on. We were exhausted from Easter Sunday and being up so late, but we got her to the orthodontist on time. She was so excited. After we got home we all relaxed and I made sure she was comfortable – yup I was playing nurse. Seems playing nurse and taking care of everything I forgot to really eat today.

April 10th

  • Water (drank over the course of the day) with 4C Light Iced Tea Mix
  • Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer (1/2 mug)
  • Flounder with Tarter Sauce
  • 1 SF Tastykake Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
  • Bite of Feta Cheese
  • 1 Cup Three Bean Salad
  • 1/4 Cup Smoked Almonds
  • SF Ice Pop

So today I had my daughter home from school due to her mouth being so sore – so I got to play nurse for another day. I played nurse in between working and I also polished my nails with a Strawberry design. Not a bad day today – just average I guess.

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April 11th

  • Water (drank over the course of the day) with 4C Light Iced Tea Mix
  • Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer (1/2 mug)
  • 1 Cup Three Bean Salad
  • 1 Cup Three Bean Salad
  • Handful of Special K Cracker Chips – Sour Cream & Onion
  • 2 Slices American Cheese
  • A couple bites of the kids Macaroni Cheese
  • Cup of Tea with Splenda

Today I just worked and took care of hubby who was not feeling great. Later in the early evening my hubby started to get worse with his breathing and I knew I was going to need to take him to the ER at some point. About 8:30pm we decided it was time because he was getting worse. So off to the ER we went as I drove like Mario all the way. When we got there it was packed, but due to his distress and condition they took him in immediately. It was a long night in the ER and when they said they were going to admit him I left and that was around 2:30 am – I was exhausted. By the time I got home it was about 3:00am and while laying in bed I saw something roll across my bedroom floor with a line up of cats following it. I turned on the light and I see that my son’s hamster Felix had escaped from his cage – just what I needed at 3:30 am. So there I was on my hands and knees chasing after a hamster – it was quite comical. I finally caught him and brought him back to his cage and I am glad I saw him before the cats did him in. I finally feel asleep, but my alarm was set for 5:45 am to get the kids up and off to school. Not much time left to sleep.

April 12th

  • Water (drank over the course of the day) with 4C Light Iced Tea Mix
  • Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer (1/2 mug)
  • 1/2 Protein Shake
  • 1 Piece of Beef Jerky
  • 1 Chicken Cutlet Parmesan (baked) with Meat Sauce with some linguine noodles
  • SF Jello and whipped cream
  • Protein Shake
  • 1/4 Cup Smoked Almonds

I got the kids off to school this morning one eye open. Then I checked my email and was able to drink about 1/2 protein shake. I went back to bed because I was exhausted and ended up sleeping until 1:00 pm. After the kids got home from school at about 3 I went back to the hospital to visit my hubby. I ended up staying there until about 8:30. I had a Chicken Cutlet I got from the hospital cafeteria along with some SF Jello. When I got home I made sure to have a protein shake. My sister was here with the kids so I sent her off on her way and went to bed early – I was still so tired.

April 13th

  • Water (drank over the course of the day) with 4C Light Iced Tea Mix
  • Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer (1/2 mug)
  • A few bites of Ham and Mashed Potatoes
  • 1 Banana
  • Starbucks – I had a SF Mocha Frappachino
  • Salad, Few French Fries and a Bite of a Hot Dog
  • Couple pieces of fruit
  • 1 Egg Salad
  • 2 Slices American Cheese
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Today I had the joy of getting our taxes done – I hate taxes. I ended up going to H&R Block again because my taxes are ridiculous and I just could not deal with them again this year. Last year was the 1st time I had someone else do them – sucks when all of the sudden you owe and this year was no different. It is just too much stress for me to figure it all out so I was ok letting someone else deal with it. It turned out to not be as bad as I thought it would be.

I cleaned the house a bit and when the kids got home from school we went up to the hospital to visit hubby. My hubby wanted some coffee from Starbucks so we stopped there on the way. I was a big Mocha Frapp fan prior o surgery so I asked if they can make one sugar free and I was surprised that they could. So I got one – it was OK, not the same as the real deal, but it worked. We ended up having dinner at the hospital but the choices today were not so great for me. I ended up having a salad and picking from my kids food. I also picked from some fruit my hubby ordered from his hospital meal for me. When I got home I tried to get some more protein in with a 1 Egg Salad and American Cheese – I did the best I could.

April 14th

  • Water (drank over the course of the day) with 4C Light Iced Tea Mix
  • Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer (1/2 mug)
  • 2 Slices of American Cheese
  • Picked French Fries
  • Grilled Chicken with Italian Seasoning
  • Fruit Salad
  • Bites of Crab Salad
  • 1 Cube Steak with Ketchup
  • SF Ice Pop

So this morning I cleaned the house because they thought they were going to release my hubby from the hospital today. Well they decided he had to stay for another day. So me and the kids went up to see him along with his request for McDonald’s Mocha Frappes and the kids got McDonald’s for lunch as well. I ended up picking at a few French Fries on the ride there. I called my hubby and since I was bringing him some McD’s for lunch to order his hospital lunch for me to eat – so I had him get some grilled chicken and fruit for me – hey we are paying for it anyways right? So we stayed with him for the afternoon.

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and I picked up a Cube Steak which I cooked up for my dinner quickly at home to get in more protein. Then me and the kids watched TV and that was our day.

April 15th

  • Water (drank over the course of the day) with 4C Light Iced Tea Mix
  • Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer (1/2 mug)
  • Potatoes at the hospital from hubby’s breakfast
  • Coffee with 1/2 1/2 and Splenda
  • 1/2 cupish Crab Salad
  • Watermelon
  • 3 Slices of American Cheese and 1 Slice of Ham
  • 1/2 cupish SF Ice Cream
  • Salad with Feta Cheese, Tomatoes & Italian Dressing
  • A handful of Smoked Almonds
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Today I woke up early hoping that they were gonna release my hubby from the hospital. I vacuumed and let the kids sleep in and went up to the hospital and got there by 9:30 am. I am happy to report he was free, but did not get out until about 1:00pm. I had some stops to make on the way home to pick up meds and some groceries and them home we went. I was so exhausted from all the running, but so happy to have him home.

We relaxed for the rest of the day – I ended up napping for a few and we watched some movies. I was not very hungry today – probably from all the stress this week and exhaustion. Just happy hubby is home and I get to be his nurse now – and of course he likes that – lol.

So as you can see my week was turned upside down. It was stressful and exhausting. I did my best with my eating while running back and forth to the hospital and the choices I had. I know I definitely did not eat as much nor did I get in all my liquids by any means.

As far as my exercise challenge from last week went – NADA. It did not happen. But I did do a lot of walking from my car to my hubby in the hospital so I would say that counts right?

My weight Loss this week was zero. I am not surprised by that at all. With all the stress I was under this week I was expecting no less. I did weigh myself in mid week and saw a loss, but I ended up at the same as last week when I stepped on the scale today. I did eat late last night and my bowel movements (yeah I know gross) this week were off. I know next week I will see some movement and I am not at all worried about it.

I am just happy my hubby is home from the hospital and feeling better. Now I can get back into a semi normal routine and see that scale move for me next week. It amazing what a toll stress can have on our bodies. I am hoping for a great week – so here I go….

Stay Tuned….

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