My 600-lb Life on TLC follows Gastric Bypass patients

TLCHave you seen the show My 600-lb Life on TLC? This show follows several people over the course of 7 years before and after Gastric Bypass Surgery and shows the rollercoaster ride that it is.

This show has aired over the past month and followed four people – Melissa, Donald, Henry, and Ashley as they struggled to go from weighing over 600 lbs. to being their ideal weight using Gastric Bypass Surgery as their tool to help. This documentary really shows the highs and lows of Gastric Bypass Surgery and I found it very interesting to watch.

I could really relate to each of these patients and even though I did not start my journey at nearly the weight any of them did – I certainly could have if I had not chosen to have the surgery when I did.

I loved how it followed the patients over 7 years so you really got to see the struggles they faced with following the diet, mental challenges, skin surgeries to remove excess skin and their physical changes. It truly was a rollercoaster for each of them as it is for anyone at any starting weight going through the same thing – including myself.

The choice to have this surgery is not a quick fix nor is it an easy one and I think the show really showed that. I also think it may have given many obese people hope that they do not have to live life not living life. There is a way out and Gastric Bypass is a tool that can help.

Like I said I enjoyed watching the show and was sad there were only 4 stories, but I give BIG Kudos to the people following their stories over that 7 year period of time. I say job well done.

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The best part of each show for me was watching the transformations that took place as each of them lost the weight and started living life as they wished they could have years prior.

If you have not seen these shows they are a must see – check on TLC for repeats or if you have On Demand.