Going to the movies and dealing with the smell of Popcorn

Movie TheaterSo yesterday I ventured out to the movies to see The Lorax with my kids and in laws. It was my first time to the movies since my Gastric Bypass Surgery and the smells in the theater from the Popcorn were intense.

To be honest yesterday was the first day that I have gone out for almost the whole day since my surgery. It is my niece’s birthday Monday so we went to my in laws house to celebrate and to go see a movie. Afterwards we planned to go back to their house to have a late lunch and hang out for awhile.

First up was the movie. We were going to see The Lorax and I could not wait – I am a big Dr. Seuss fan and this movie looked like a lot of fun with a great message of course. So we get to the theater and of course it is packed – it was only the second day The Lorax was out – I am not a fan of crowds, just sayin’. But before we could go get our seats I had to wait in the food line to get my son some Popcorn.

Oh the smells of that Popcorn had me going crazy, but I knew I could not have any. I have read that Popcorn is a NO NO after Gastric Bypass. But the smell was so extra intense and I could feel the angel and the devil on each of my shoulders. The angel said “No you cannot have any, it can cause you great pains if you do – stay strong !!” and that devil (oh how I hate that Lil’ Devil) said “You have not had any issues as of yet so why not try some. What can it hurt and it does smell sooo yummy.” Ahhhhhh

So I order my son his popcorn and his drink as I look at all that candy in the case and see the soft pretzels (which I love) along with a sign showing they also sell White Castles. It was food teasing overload at its finest. So they hand me the popcorn and there it was right under my nose smelling better than it ever had before. That damn devil on my shoulder seemed to be talking very loud to me now – it was like the Lorax in Devil form and instead of speaking for the trees he was speaking for the popcorn. So I quickly ran to find my son and said you have to take this from me quickly, which he did thank goodness. The Angel won the fight, but it was not easy nor had the movie even started yet.

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NOTE: On the ride to my in laws I had a 1/2 Chicken Sandwich I made at home so I would be full. I also packed a small baggie with some Low Fat Wheat Thins that I could have during the movie. I smuggled that in along with a bottled water and some extra candy for my daughter since she is not a huge fan of popcorn. YES I am a movie snack smuggler, but you have to be these days since it is so expensive. Any way one can save a buck or two is much needed.

When we got in to the theater it was packed like I said and we ended up sitting close to the screen. Not my favorite seats, BUT after I sat down and realized the seat was not tight on my butt I did not care at all. I actually had wiggle room – I was so excited !!

During the movie I could still smell the Popcorn and it seemed so much more prominent now that I could not have any. In addition to that I could smell the Twizzlers and Candy as well. The sounds of everyone chewing on their snacks also seemed loader to me. Talk about mind games right? But once the movie went on those smells and sounds slowly got drowned out or maybe it was because they were getting eaten – whatever it was nice they were going away.

I had my Wheat Thins which I munched on a bit and I was proud of myself to have stayed strong. It was truly a different experience now going to the movies and not being able to indulge in all those goodies, but not impossible. This is my new life style now. OH and BTW The Lorax was an AWESOME movie – I loved it. It is a must see for all ages.

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After the movie we went back to my in laws house to hang. This was the first time I had seen them since my surgery so it was nice that they could notice my weight loss – even it if is only 20 pounds so far.

The next hard part was when it was time for our late lunch. See whenever we all get together there is food involved and we all love to eat of course. So this was my first time eating at a family gathering. The good thing was that the food was some lunch meats, some side salads and pickles etc.. Nothing really horrible that I could not have.

So I made myself a 1/2 Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread, had my mother in law slice me off a small piece of Pickle (first pickle since surgery and it was heavenly) and I had a couple tablespoons of Potato Salad. It was so hard with all the food sitting in front of me to not continue to pick at it even though I was very full. It was a bad habit I had prior to surgery so that was a battle. I did however eat 2 slices of American Cheese before even making my sandwich – that is the picker in me. So as you can see from what I ate – it was not a lot, but I think more than my normal in a sitting. OH and before the food got put away I stole a slice of tomato. Even though I ate more than normal I was ok, full but ok.

The next challenge was when it came time for my niece’s Birthday Cake. Now even though I am not a HUGE sweet eater I do like a good piece of cake from time to time. BUT this time I knew it was not gonna happen. So I sat and watched them all have a piece and it made me crave something sweet. Luckily I spotted some Bananas and my sister in law split one with me and that satisfied me. OH and that was the first Banana I had since surgery too – oh it was yummy and nice and ripe.

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So I made it through the movie an my first extended family meal. I think it will be harder come summer BBQ’s since I love Hot Dogs, Burgers and all those yummy Pasta Salads. The good thing is is that I can have those things, just in tiny portions. I think by then I will be more use to the changes, but I think it will always be hard.

It is hitting me more the past week or so how I cannot eat like I use to and will never be able to again (portion wise). While it is of course a good thing because I did not get to the weight I am by portion control (duh), it is still something hard to comprehend. And unless you have had WLS yourself it is really hard to explain. Sometimes I miss the mindless eating especially at night which was my favorite time to snack.

I also drive by restaurants thinking to myself how hard it will be to eat at one now. I have yet to experience that and I am not quite ready for that challenge. One day I will have no choice, but it will not be easy.

Like so many say – Gastric Bypass Surgery is a Rollercoaster Ride of ups and downs and even twists, turns and flips. I have opted to ride and so now I face what comes my way – hard or easy it was my choice to ride. I am buckled in and ready for the craziness, or am I?