I got a Food Dehydrator – Time to make Jerky!!

Guess what I got for Christmas… A Food Dehydrator and I am so excited!!! One of the best gifts from my sister peep for the family.

My sister always gets us the best gifts and this one was not expected at all. Everyone in my family loves to eat Beef Jerky and we all know how expensive it is to buy it. The best part about Beef Jerky is it is high in protein too so for us Gastric Bypass patients it is a great snack.

My hubby could not wait to make a batch of Beef Jerky and a couple days after Christmas he got right on it. So he bought some meat, marinated it in a Teriyaki Marinade overnight and the next day followed the directions, which are super easy, and later that day we had Jerky.

Beef JerkyThat is our first batch of Beef Jerky pictured to the right – while it does not look pretty it tasted really good. I cannot wait to try out other recipes and flavors. In addition to just the Jerky you can also dehydrate fruits, veggies and even make your own fruit roll ups. Now I am counting down until summer comes and Strawberry picking will take on a whole new meaning.

You know I will be sharing lots of recipes using this new toy and again I am excited for all the Beef Jerky snacks I will be able to eat at a fraction of the cost of buying them in the store. If you do not have a Food Dehydrator I say go get one because it is a lot easier to use than you think and if you like Beef Jerky it truly is a major money saver.

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Nesco Food DehydratorMy sister got us a Nesco Food Dehydrator (pictured to the left) and all kinds of seasonings to go with it. It was funny because she gave each of us a part of the gift to open. A great family gift that will be very used in my house for sure.

Stay Tuned for Recipes and Snack Ideas coming soon…

Oh and if own one and have any good tips or recipes I should try please let me know!!!