Roca Labs Mini Gastric Bypass with No Surgery ???

I just recently heard of Roca Labs which says it will give you the same results of Gastric Bypass Surgery without undergoing the knife. Could this be the answer to all of those who are scared of the risk of surgery?

Ok first let me add in my disclaimer – I have not tried this product personally. All of my opinions about it are my own and I am not being paid to say anything about it. All I am doing by writing this is sharing information about a product or service related to my own experience of having had Gastric Bypass Surgery. I am not endorsing this product in any way.

So why did I start with that? Well from what I have read online this company does not like any negative reviews of this product and will go after those who write anything negative. Hmmmm??? I better watch what I say I guess.

I did find this in their contract you have to agree to before you purchase the product: You agree that, regardless of your outcome, you WILL NOT speak, publish, print, blog or write negatively about The Product or The Company in any forum. Geez that is weird – another Hmmmm moment.

So what is Roca Labs? Well in their own words:

A dose of the Formula mixed in water and taken in the morning creates a fast gastric bypass effect leaving only a small limited stomach size available for food intake, practically forcing you to eat HALF and lose weight from day one. Without Gastric Bypass surgery.

The patented β-Glucan® ingredient regulates your blood sugar levels and helps you overcome cravings.

WoW can you imagine?? A Magic Pill. So all you do is take this pill and it will make your stomach smaller just like you had the actual Gastric Bypass Surgery and regulate your blood sugar to eliminate cravings? Truly Magic if you ask me. Who does not believe in Magic right? Oh wait Magic can also at times be just an illusion right?

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Here is my personal opinion (yes freedom of speech – 1st amendment – it says it in there). Again I have not tried this product so keep that in mind. If I saw advertisements for this years ago I may have looked into it from reading what it claims – hell why not I had tried every other way to lose weight before I made the decision to have Gastric Bypass Surgery. But as with everything else you have to read all the disclaimers and the fine print.

I wanted to touch base on this because I know how desperate we can all be when it comes to trying to lose weight. I have nothing negative to say about this product nor do I know if it really works as they claim it does. BUT I can say this: Use your head and be cautious. I find it quite fishy when a company tries to stop people from writing reviews of their own personal experiences with products good or bad. I mean really – come on now, what are they afraid of? another Hmmmm??? So many people out there are trying to find reviews on this product or find others who have tried it, but for some strange reason they are few and far between.

Could you imagine if my surgeon made me sign something that said I could not talk about or write anything about my surgery if it was negative? That would have made me stop dead in my tracks and rethink.

So that is my personal opinion and thoughts – mine mine mine.

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If you have tried this product feel free to let me know about it in the comments below.