I broke down and ate Charlotte Watermelon

gastric bypass watermelon, Watermelon

 gastric bypass watermelon, WatermelonIf you follow my posts then you probably saw the one about my love for Watermelon now and my new BFF Charlotte Watermelon. Well I am sorry to say I ate her.

Yup in a moment of weakness and a craving for that sweet juicy flavor I lost control and cut her up. I know sounds horrible right? Well she was a great friend for a couple days – she listened to my problems, never talked back and always greeted me with a smile. But my craving for Watermelon was so strong that I could not take it anymore.

Not to worry she never saw me coming – I snuck up from behind and it was quick. I did feel bad until I licked my fingers. I knew at that point this is what she would have wanted. I will miss that blue eyed watermelon – she was definitely SWEET. Now I will get to meet the rest of her family and enjoy their sweetness company all summer long.

After reading that you are probably thinking this girl is just insane, well ya know what I am – just a tad – lol. See what taking away all my comfort food will do – oh heck who am I kidding I was no different before it was taken away.

RIP Charlotte Watermelon – You will be remembered for your Sweetness

I will now listen to my son and not draw faces on my food anymore and give them a soul. It makes it so much harder to eat it then, what was I thinking?

As I ate my Watermelon I did reflect on the time we had together. I also painted my nails with a Watermelon design to show tribute to all Watermelons out there – see I am not so bad after all.