Me and Watermelon have reconnected and total BFFs

WatermelonI have a new BFF and it is Watermelon. We are old friends who just recently reconnected and I think we are going to never be apart again.

Last week when I was at the store I picked up a small container of Watermelon. I just had a big craving for it and was hoping since it is now pretty much in season it would be nice and sweet. I could not even wait until I got home to eat it so while I was driving home I opened it up and dug in. It was soooo good – like candy in my mouth. The best part was that my pouch was able to tolerate it just fine. I had no issues at all – I did the Happy Dance.

So yesterday while shopping I decided that I would just buy a whole Watermelon since the kids love it too and I thought maybe I would share, nice of me right? So today I thought before I cut it open I would have some fun with my daughter and give my new BFF some personality. Yes I was gonna give it a face !! I know I know, but I am crazy like that and that is how I roll.

So after I came back from doing some errands me and my daughter were gonna get to work. So I brought the Watermelon to the kitchen and it slips out of my hands and lands on the floor. My Watermelon cracked in half. I was devastated!! But guess what? Hubby to the rescue – he ran to the store and got me a new one. What a man right? (oh but no worries the cracked Watermelon got cut up and snacked on anyways, a great sacrifice).

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So my daughter and I gave my new BFF a face and she named it Charlotte. My son had come into the kitchen shaking his head at me in that – you’re nuts way (nothing new he always does that) and he says you cannot eat that now – you just gave it a soul. LMAO.

Before you give watermelon a try check with your nutritionist to be sure you can have it on your diet plan. Most will allow it at some point in your post op, but every doctor has different rules. Also when you purchase the watermelon be sure you get the seedless.

Here are some Watermelon Facts to keep in mind:

  • Watermelon is over 90% Water – you may want to treat it as such – so watch combining it with your food
  • 1 Cup of diced Watermelon has approx 46 calories
  • 1 Cup of diced Watermelon has approx 9 grams of sugar – even though it is a natural sugar be careful, some of you may experience Dumping Syndrome if you eat too much

Watermelon goes down really easy so you have to really watch how much you are eating – I know I can easily eat too much if I am not careful.

But how much is too much? Well that question got me thinking and so I decided to do an experiment with some. I diced up 1 Cup of Watermelon (shown in the 1 Cup measuring cup), I then transferred that to a bigger bowl and mushed it up into a liquid. I poured it back into the 1 Cup measuring cup and it was 1/2 of what I started with. So I poured it into a 1/2 Cup measuring cup and as you can see that 1 Cup of diced Watermelon became 1/2 Cup of liquid.

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I found that very interesting and you can use my experiment as a guide.

Of course your pouch will let you know when you have had enough – so always listen to it when it speaks to you. I think all Gastric Bypassers know excatly what I mean when I say that.

I have read that Watermelon is a great way to flush out water weight, keep you regular and full of vitamins and of course DELICIOUS, especially very cold.

I am so happy to be reconnected again and the benefits of a friend like this are definitely SWEET.

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