Whole Wheat Tortilla Pizza

Tortilla PizzaI ate Pizza !!! Well not quite a pizza you would normally get at a pizza place, but a very tasty version I made that you can make too.

So tonight for dinner I made myself this yummy pizza that uses a Whole Wheat Tortilla as the crust. It is not an overload of carbs and the cheese gives me my protein. I also added on some sauce, fresh sliced mushrooms, sliced black olives and pizza seasonings.

It was so EASY to make and tasted Delish !!

If you have a craving for a Pizza this is a great alternative to avoid the high carbs of an average slice from the pizza place. You can also make it anyway you want and add on toppings of your choice. To up the protein add on some pepperoni, ground beef, meatballs etc… Really the limit is only your imagination.

The Whole Wheat Tortilla I used is 8″ . It was nothing fancy just store brand. 1 Tortilla has 120 Calories, 3g Fat, 22g Carbs, 4g Dietary Fiber, 0g Sugars and 4g Protein. I also used part skim shredded mozzarella.

I took pictures of me making it – lol Does that look good or what? Of course it is not the real deal, but it was still yummy. I loved the thin crispiness of the tortilla.Next time I am gonna leave it in the oven longer to brown up the cheese more, but I was hungry and impatient !!

I was almost able to eat the whole thing, but I shared some with my hubby & son.

I think I will make myself a Mexican Pizza with refried beans & cheddar cheese and a Greek Pizza using spinach & feta cheese next. The possibilities are endless…

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So give it a try and if you do send me a picture of your delicious creation and I will add it on here !!

Enjoy !!

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