Could my broken finger be from a Calcium deficiency?

For the first time in my life – 42 years break free, I mean 29, I broke my very first bone. Could this be I have a Calcium deficiency???

Maybe I am jumping the gun on the whole Calcium deficiency thing, but call it coincidence that I was really slacking getting in my calcium for some time and then all of a sudden I get my first broken bone. One may have absolutely nothing to do with the other, but let me tell you that I am not slacking anymore because maybe just maybe they can be related.

So how did it happen? Oh funny story really…I punched my hubby. Yes it is true, but it was not for anything bad I was play fighting or getting frisky however you want to look at it. After 23 years together I am allowed to get in a punch or two when I want don’t ya think?

This happened on July 20th the day before my daughter’s birthday and her party. I was out food shopping and when I came home hubby came to help me unload the groceries (I know he is a great guy) and we started joking around. I started to play punch and when I went to hit him in the stomach (Yes I go for the gut) and what I would have thought would be a padded connection did not turn out that way. Hubby put hist fist up to block it – ugh !!! When I hit his hand with my left hand my pinky finger did something weird and hurt like hell – it was like I hit a concrete slab.

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Let me tell you about my hubby’s hands – they are HUGE. Not to get all mushy, but they are one of the things that I fell in love with. I love big manly working hands and this is what he has and now I felt the wrath of the them in not the best way. So while my little pinky finger was stinging I immediately put ice on it as I watched it swell and bruise. At the time I just thought I bruised it and no big deal.

The next day it still hurt so hubby went and bought me a splint to wear to keep it straight. I wore the splint on and off over the weekend. It was not until Tuesday that I looked at my finger and thought “Geez it is still crooked and swollen I should probably have it looked at”. So the next day it was off to the doctors for an x-ray. I just thought it was bruised, but when they told me it was broken at the tip I was shocked.

All I could think about was could this be because I have not been good taking my Calcium like I should??? Yes it could be, but who knows. The doctor gave me a splint and told me I had to see a specialist. Really – for my pinky finger? But I did not want a crooked finger forever so I went with it.

A week later I had another xray and saw the orthopedic doctor who was a little shocked by the weird break. It turns out I chipped off a piece of the bone on the top knuckle and had a displacement fracture or something like that. The good thing was that I have no tendon tears or anything, but I would have to now keep it splinted for at least 6 weeks. Oh Joy.

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I go back this Wednesday for another xray to see if it is healing so wish me luck – I DO NOT want to have surgery on my cute little pinky finger. So I guess that is what I get for punching my hubby. Will I do it again? Uh Duh Yeah I will when I need to, but this time I will be sure to make a good fist. lol

Oh and I have been really good about taking my Calcium Supplements since this whole ordeal – So I consider this a good warning for me not to slack off.

Do you like my Sad Face? Yes I can rock a splint like no one else – just sayin’

Have you taken your Calcium today?