Be careful of Information Overload it can really make your head spin

OverloadThere is nothing wrong with doing a little research online about your Gastric Bypass Surgery, BUT be careful because you may get Information Overload. That is about the time confusion sets in and you start to question a lot of things.

Now you all know I have had my surgery already and prior to which I did a lot of reading to educate myself on my decision. I spent countless hours reading others blogs (like mine) and watching videos blogs etc… I also wrote a post recently on Gastric Bypass Horror Stories because I looked into all of those as well.

Even though I am living my journey now I still follow others and continue to read. It is comforting to have the support of others who are going through the same thing you are. I also started this blog to help others who may be contemplating the decision or have started the journey too. My goal is to help others just like those who helped me with documenting the ride.

Recently I have joined a couple forums called The ThinnerTimesForum and ObiesityHelpForum which are full of others who have been through or will be going through Gastric Bypass Surgery, Lap-Bad Surgery, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy etc.. It is a great community of people at all stages of their Weight Loss Surgery. I find it full or information, BUT after being there and reading I find I now have Information Overload and a bit of confusion.

I find it crazy when I read there or pretty much any where how every Weight Loss Surgery Surgeon has a completely different list of guidelines and diet plans coming out of surgery. I mean they can really differ BIG time from each other. The other thing is the guidelines to what Vitamins we should all be taking after surgery. This is where I have been the most confused.

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I have read that the Flintstones Gummy Vitamins I am taking (per my Surgeon) are not enough and some of the others I take are also lacking. Why would my Surgeon steer me wrong? I am not sure he has, but it is now in my head that I am not taking enough or the proper vitamins. I will talk to my Surgeon about that, but that is just one of the subjects that is making me say “hmmmm???”.

I am starting to think at some of these forums it is like there are too many cooks in the kitchen sorta speak. While I will still go to them to read and help others I have to tell myself that I have to stick to what my surgeon has given me, BUT I can bring up some questions this reading has told me. I think it is so important to follow the guidelines of your own doctors and if you read something that has you questioning them – then talk to them. That is what I do.

While I love the fact that if you have a question you can go to a forum and ask it and get answers from so many who have been there – just when it comes to the real medical stuff use caution because they are not doctors. I stopped reading about the Vitamins because I was getting a real headache about it and will continue taking what I have, but I definitely will bring it up at my next appointment.

And as I always say – everybody’s story and journey will be different, similar, but different. Always keep that in the back of your mind. That is why my blog is titled MY Gastric Bypass Story. I can only share what I am going through and I NEVER try to give any medical advice, just sayin’