My First Ice Cream Cone since Surgery

I did it I had my first Ice Cream Cone since my Gastric Bypass Surgery !! I have heard so many times that Ice Cream will throw you over the edge and make you have dumping, but I ate it and survived !!!

This is kinda a funny story…My daughter and her BFF had a fight at the end school – you know 11 year old drama. The drama to me was so silly and not something I wanted to see end a friendship built over so many years, but they were both being so stubborn and not wanting to be the one to give in. That is girls for ya right?

So me and my daughter’s BFF’s mom were trying to think of how we could end this – sooo I called her and said meet me at McDonald’s because I was going to take my kids for ice cream – I would go first and then they would show up like it was a coincidence. I know sneaky of me right?

So we did just that – and of course when the girls saw each other they hugged as if nothing happened. Mission accomplished !! But then my daughter said to me “You set this up didn’t you?” Rut Roh – she was on to me. I denied it, but later confessed and was happy she was not mad at me. High Fives for me !!!

So anyways I was really craving an Ice Cream Cone and toyed with the idea of getting one. I have read over and over that Ice Cream is one of those foods that will cause dumping syndrome, but how would I know if I was going to be one of those who have it if I did not try. So I decided to take my chances.

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So I was handed my Ice Cream Cone and the workers were looking at me funny when I scrapped 1/2 of the ice cream into the garbage. They asked me if something was wrong with it – ha ha. It shocked me that I even did that, but I did not want to over do it. So I ate my ice cream cone as I chatted it up with my friend and my daughter and her BFF hung out like nothing ever happened between them – it was so nice to see and made us very happy.

Now after I finished my cone I did feel a little hot flashes, but could not figure out if it was from the ice cream or the heat outside. I had no other major symptoms of dumping at all. I am not sure if McDonald’s Ice cream is filled with the same amount of sugar as regular ice cream from the store, but all in all I enjoyed it and was happy I had no bad reactions.

The thing is that if I never tried it I would have never known if I could handle it – so sometimes you just have to take the plunge – think the worst will happen and be happy when it does not.

So far as I get brave and try things with sugar I seem to be lucky that I have had no reaction or dumping,. BUT that does not mean it will never happen. I hope it never does – but I may not have encountered the food that does not agree with me totally.

It seems for me that when I have heavy carbs that is the thing that makes me feel sick and I am happy about that because carbs have always been the thing that I would eat the most – sugar for me is a treat and I am thankful I am not one of those who is a sweet freak.

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So my Ice Cream was a success as well as reuniting Best Friends. The next day they went to the town pool and spent the day together !!