Gastric Bypass via Hypnosis ???

If you have not heard about Gastric Bypass Hypnosis do not worry because it was not something I knew about until the other day.

I was chatting it up with one of my good friends the other night when she told me about this news story she had seen about Gastric Bypass Hypnosis. This is my friend who was a big inspiration for me to have Gastric Bypass Surgery as she had had it done herself with great results. She said her significant other was looking into it so of course I had to search it up and share it with all of you to see what your opinion is on this.

I am a believer for the most part in Hypnosis therapy, but have never had it done myself. Of course when I think of hypnosis I get the pictures of people on a stage with the clock going back and forth in front of their faces being told you’re getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy – you’re asleep. Then they wake up and are told to do weird things like bark like a dog. We all know that is probably bogus, but it is what I think. I know I have issues – lol.

Anyway I do know that there are plenty of successful hypnotherapists out there that use hypnosis for many things other than getting people to bark like dogs. Actually I have even looked into it myself to try and help me with remembering my childhood (long story – but to make it short – I lost my mother at a young age to cancer and have blocked out childhood memories). I never looked very hard for someone but may at some point.

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When I heard about this Gastric Bypass Hypnosis, also known as Gastric Hypnotic Band,  it peaked my curiosity – I have already had the surgery so it means nothing to me at this point, but could it for someone else?

I am a bit skeptical, but yet again I have never tried hypnosis. Maybe it would not work for everyone, but could it be a non surgical option for someone who is terrified to under go the knife or just has too many other medical issues to do so? Or even a less expensive option for those who have to pay for weight loss surgery due to sucky insurance or none at all. God knows I have laid out more than $1200 bucks in diet plans over the years – probably quadruple that.

Or is this just another way for these doctors to pray on the desperate to fatten their wallets.

I would love to hear your thoughts and what you think… Feel free to add your comments below.