Moooove Over Laughing Cow Swiss there are more flavors in town

Great news for those of us who have had Gastric Bypass and love the Laughing Cow Cheese. There is now a nice variety of flavor choices on the market.

I started eating the Light Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese wedges as early as 1 week post op – actually 6 days after my surgery. YES it was a cheat, but at the time I was dying for something with flavor and I caved.

Now remember I am no Gastric Bypass Poster Child as I have said in the past – I do not always follow the rules – so I would not suggest you cheat, but if you do it will be our secret – shhhhh.

The Laughing Cow Cheese is a great option when you can start eating soft foods. It is easy to get down due to being so soft, small in size and contains some much needed protein. Even though I started eating it before I should have I was lucky to have no issues with it, but that may not mean you would not so use caution.

The other day I was out shopping and I noticed lots of new colored Laughing Cow Cheese boxes so I stopped to look. I was surprised to see so many new flavors available. Now to be honest these could have been out in the stores for some time now, but being my closest grocery store is lame and does not carry everything I may have missed it. I was shopping in a bigger grocery store when I spotted these, but thought it was a great share with you all.

I always have the Light Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese on hand in my house and my hubby likes them as well. When we saw some of the new flavors we decided to get a couple to try as well.

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Here is a list of all the Laughing Cow Cheese Flavors now available:

  • Light Creamy Swiss (Always have on hand)
  • Light Garlic & Herb (Just tried)
  • Light French Onion
  • Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle (Just tried)
  • Light Blue Cheese
  • Light Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil

So I picked up the Light Garlic & Herb and Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle to try. I honestly thought I would really like the Light Garlic & Herb the best of the two, but I was surprised that I liked the Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle the best and so did hubby. Don’t get me wrong they are both yummy – just preferred one over the other and we all have different tastes.

Best part is these Cheese Wedges have only 35 Calories per wedge, 2 grams or less fat and 2 grams of protein each. I usually eat mine as a little snack, but if you look on their website The Laughing Cow they have tons of yummy looking recipes you can make with them too.

Also remember that The Laughing Cow also makes the Light Mini Baybel Cheese which is also delish and packs in 6 grams of protein in one mini wheel of goodness – WoW.

I love the wheels – they remind me of Ladybugs spreading their wings and peeling them open is just 1/2 the fun I think.

So if you are a Cheese lover like I am or you are looking for ways to get in some extra protein or change up some flavors in the soft stage post op try these out. I have 3 mores words for ya – Yum Yum Yum.