My Weekly Gastric Bypass Food Journals

Since my Gastric Bypass Surgery I have been keeping a journal of what I eat each day. Nothing fancy – I just use a regular notebook and I keep it on my kitchen on the counter. Anytime I put food in my mouth even if I just picked at something (yes I still pick, bad bad habit I know) I write it down.

I must admit prior to my surgery one of my peeves about following most diets was writing what I ate down – I hated to do that and would not remember etc… Well that has changed for me after surgery. The original reason I started after surgery was in case I had a reaction to something I ate I would easily be able to look back and see what may have caused it. The other reason is that it is important to track protein intake as well as calories we take in.

I also write down little notes in my journal about that day such as; if I am not feeling well, any extra meds I took, nutritional info on certain foods, special events that day etc… So it is really like a Food Diary if you want to call it that too. It is also a great tool to have on hand when I go see my Nutritionist/Surgeon for follow up visits so they can look it over to make sure I am eating the right things.

I highly recommend every one who has Weight Loss Surgery to do the same thing. I never thought I would be so religious as to write it all down, but I have. IF I go out I put what I ate in notes and add in in later. It really becomes second nature – who knew??

The best part is that the end of every week I post in right here on my blog for all to see. I think it is great for others who may be considering having Gastric Bypass Surgery to see what we can eat – or I should say how much.

I created this page to make it easier to find all of the posts in one place if that is what you are looking to see (I know nice of me right?)

NOTE: What I eat may be different than what your Surgeon will have you eating so just check to be sure before trying anything new. I am not always the strict by the book type – just sayin’ (lol)

Here are my Gastric Bypass Food Journals by Week

* Hiatus – My definition is I took the summer off from doing my food journal. It was not intentional, just happened. It does not mean I ate out of control or anything – I just did not write it down. Hoping once the kids are back in school I can get my routine back in action – so stay tuned!

  • Week 26 – On Hiatus
  • Week 27 – On Hiatus
  • Week 28 – On Hiatus
  • Week 29 – On Hiatus
  • Week 30 – On Hiatus
  • Week 31 – On Hiatus
  • Week 32 – On Hiatus
  • Week 33 – On Hiatus

Week 34 – 41 Still on Hiatus (hard for me to get back into logging, but I am going to try even if it is just one week to show what I am eating now, so Stay Tuned)

  • Week 42
  • Week 43 – On Hiatus
  • Week 44 – On Hiatus
  • Week 45 – On Hiatus
  • Week 46-52 – On Hiatus

Since I have slacked in keeping my Food Journal I have stopped posting them for now, BUT every now and then I will do it for a week and post it as I get further out.

  • Week 57 – Started up again due to stall and weight gain
  • Week 58
  • Week 59
  • Week 60