My New Truck for the New Me

Bye Bye Mommy Van this girl has a new ride. A few weeks ago I bought myself a new Truck that suits the new me much better than my old Mommy Van.

Well it is not exactly new in the way of the year, but it is new to me and it is HOT. It is a 2001 Ford Expedition with tons of upgrades such as the 22″ chrome rims that sparkle just like I do now. I absolutely love it and it is the funny thing is it is so big and I am much smaller now and actually have to climb to get in – that makes me giggle.

My hubby got a Suburban this past summer to pull our boat and I never thought I would be able to handle driving such a big truck, but after I did I fell in love with driving it. In addition to that I felt very safe and being a nervous driver to begin with it really helps. So with that in mind I decided I would get a truck too.

Yes it is not the most efficient when it comes to gas, but being I work from home and not traveling back to forth daily to work that did not matter much to me. My son actually found it for me being sold locally on Craigslist. Funny how he knew exactly what I was looking for – Those big shiny rims sealed the deal for me in addition to all the other extras such as the kick ass aftermarket stereo/navigation system, Halo lights front and back, pristine interior and exterior, how great it ran and of course the price after my hubby did his amazing haggling.

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So this chick shed the Mommy Van and now has a hot set of wheels to climb in too. The fun part is now accessories to really make it mine. On my list… Purple running lights. OH yeah Baby – watch out!!!

So many changes for me…Life is Good!!!