The Twins are shrinking – Wooo Hooo


I have shared in a past post, about my favorite bra and now I have a new favorite I have to share. While I still love my old one it was time that I downsized.

It all came about at my ONEderland Party when my mother in law and sister in law gave me gift cards to the mall to celebrate my weight loss success so I can purchase a few new things for myself. They told me I should get a new bra. I was like “what?”. They said the one I was wearing did not look like it was giving me enough support.

Now I was wearing the Genie Bra and it is one of my favorite bras I have ever owned, BUT I have had them for quite some time and the twins have shrunk and I did not even notice that it probably was not holding me they way it did when I first got it. Thanks to my in laws honesty and my new found paranoia I decided it was time to get a new one to bring those babies back up.

My sister had taken a part time seasonal job in the mall in a big department store and worked in the bra section a few times and saw this one bra being bought over and over and raved about by many women, so she told me about it. So just the other day I went to the mall to check it out and try them on since I had no idea what size I am in now. The bra is by Bali and it is called the Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra and it is super soft. I tried on a bunch of different sizes until I found one that fit.

Are you ready for this? Prior to my Gastric Bypass Surgery I was wearing a 44DD – this new bra is a 40C. I could not believe it and it is beyond comfortable, just like my Genie Bras. I could not believe the difference in my profile wearing this new bra compared to my Genie Bra – it was like I got a boob job. The twins were hanging out up where they should be, even if they had lots of help to get there.

I will however replace my Genie Bras since I loved the way they fit, but with a much smaller size than I was wearing. So there you have it my shrinking twin story. Life is good!!!

If you are in the market for a new bra like me – look for this one and give it a try – it does also come with wires if that is what you prefer.

P.S. – Walked in the room wearing my new bra under my shirt and hubby noticed the difference right away, his smile told me it fit well – lmao.

Oh Deer!! I ventured to the Mall

Deer Crossing Sign

So today I ventured to the mall with my daughter to do some Christmas Shopping. BUT on the way there a Deer decided it wanted to commit suicide and use my truck as the weapon.

First let me start by saying I was driving my hubby’s truck a lifted Chevy Suburban because mine needs new windshield wipers and there was a chance for rain. So my daughter and I took the back roads, which out in the country is the quickest way to get to the mall. So we were driving along when to my right in a field I see a Deer running like a bolt of lightening and I had no time to react at all when all of a sudden a loud thump hit the side of the truck by my daughter.

Freaked out I pulled over a tiny bit up the road and looked in my rear view mirror to see this big beautiful Deer lying on the side of the road struggling to get up but could not. My daughter saw it too and started to bawl her eyes out. I made sure she was ok and jumped out of the truck to access the damage and call my hubby. So now I am crying as I do not know what to do – I am a HUGE animal lover and could not leave. Thank god while I was on the phone with my hubby a cop pulled over and another guy to see if we were ok.

I walked to meet the cop and was a blubbering mess as he asked if we were alright. He told me he was going to have to put the Deer out of its misery and to go back in the truck with my daughter and he would come talk to us when he was done. So there I am in the truck waiting with my daughter and we are crying like babies.

After he did what he had to do he came to talk with us. He told us the other guy who pulled over took the Deer home to feed his family. Today happened to be the last day of Deer hunting season here and he said he has dealt with 10 Deer car accidents this week alone. I am so thankful not only for the fact that we were ok, but that the cop was passing by minutes after and was able to put the Deer down so it did not suffer. Hubby’s truck did get dented and the cop filed a report so if hubby thinks it is bad enough will get it fixed. It is not as bad as I thought it would have been from the thump. I think to myself that if I was in a smaller car how bad it could have been.

I tell ya what an experience that was – I have never had that happened to me and it is rare, but boy when it does it really stinks. So on the way home from the mall we took the long non back roads home.

So frustrated I want to throw the scale against the wall


I have had a nice relationship with my scale for almost a whole year, but now I think we are going to break up for awhile. My recent Weigh Ins have been frustrating to say the least.

Is that honeymoon phase of my Gastric Bypass Surgery now over as they say? Say it isn’t so because I like being on a Honeymoon. But as well all know to well all good things must come to an end and it is back to work. Great – I hate work. This plain sucks.

Here’s the deal – On October 22nd I finally made it to ONEderland hitting 199 lbs – Yes a major goal of mine and of most of us going through this. It was the best feeling in the world. But since then I have gone up and down ending up as of my Weigh In yesterday, December 3rd, at only 197 lbs. So I have only lost 2 lbs in the last 5 weeks. Prior I was averaging about 1-2 per week and now this!! I want to rip my hair out.

I am gonna be honest with you all – I am terrified. I DO NOT want to go backwards, this is scary. I have goals to make and my next one is to lose 100 lbs by my sugiversary which is coming up on January 23rd, 2013. I am 11 lbs from that goal and what seemed achievable last month now seems like it may not be. I am freaking out a bit.

I talked to my friend who just had Gastric Bypass this morning about my concerns and she reminded me of that all important thing I always say – Gastric Bypass Surgery is just a tool and not a fix it all. That is something we all have to keep in mind. I know that too, but as the honeymoon period starts to go away we have to work that much harder at not falling into all those old habits we had prior that got us here in the first place. I wrote a post last month When Bad Habits Creep Back. I have been trying to make changes and have, but why am I stalling and not losing weight?????

What do I do now? Well in that post I said I would try the 5 Day Pouch Test and have not done that. Starting tomorrow I am gonna do it and see if that can get me back on the right track. If I start tomorrow I will end it on Sunday and weigh in on Monday – so that will be perfect. No I have not been exercising and that can be it as well – now that it is cold I am not doing much but sitting at my desk all day working. So I guess I will give in and get on that treadmill that just collects dust.

I just had to share my frustrations with you all – I am having a hard time right now and with the scale not moving as it was before and it can be a real downer. Having Gastric Bypass Surgery is not all Unicorns and Rainbows folks, keep that in mind. I do not sugar coat anything just so you know.

For the next 5 days here is my plan…. I will do the 5 Day Pouch Test and log everything I eat to share with you all on Monday. I will also get on that treadmill for no less than 30 minutes per day for the next 5 days as well. Wish me luck and stay tuned for the results – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Lets hope I do not rip all my hair out in the meantime.

Bowel Movements after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Bowel Movements after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Yes I am gonna do a crappy post, literally. Someone has to talk about it right? I did say I was going to share the Good, Bad and the Ugly when I started this blog right? I think this falls under a little of them all.

So what made me decide to write a post about poop? Well lots of reasons really, but I decided it was time after a good friend of mine recently had Gastric Bypass Surgery and was having some trouble and called me for advice. Yes one of those awkward phone calls – normally I talk about all kinds of crap on the phone, but this time it was really crap. And I gave my crappy advice and hoped it would help, lol.

So the problem my friend was having was similar to what I went through right after my Gastric Bypass Surgery – “The Log Jam”. I will explain what that means if you are unsure, which I hope your not, but who knows, that is when you cannot poop. You know it is there cause you can feel it – that dreaded bloated feeling. Then you do go, BUT it is like you are giving birth to a baby and after all that work it is just a small nugget and you are left in pain. Yes gross I know, but I only speak the truth.

Luckily for me my surgeon warned me this may happen and I think a lot of it has to do with a combination of things such as; all the pain meds you are on in the hospital and after surgery, the lack of fiber right after and your body in shock saying WTF did you just do to me.

My surgeon had told me in the hospital before I left that if this was a problem to take Dulcolax Stool Softener to help move things along. You can see I wrote about it in my Third week after Gastric Bypass blog post and that is around the time I felt the need to start taking them. Of course always check with your surgeon if they allow this for you, because they all have different rules.

The good thing is that if you are reading this prior to having surgery you can add it to your list of things to ask and to have in the house just in case. Not everyone will have this issue, but I would guess that about 98% will due to all the factors involved.

I am happy to report that my friend had her hubby run to the store to get her some and after a day or two things started to move out slowly, softer and less painful – so in the end my crappy advice was not so crappy after all. Kudos to me!!!

While I am talking about all this crap let me tell you something else. Prior to me having surgery I would always feel backed up and even though I would have bowel movements pretty regular I just always felt backed up and bloated. It was bad enough that I had even talked to my doctor about it and they diagnosed me with IBS due to my symptoms and my bad gas (yes I said it bad gas).

I am happy to report I do not have that at all anymore, in fact it is quite the opposite. Wait let me back up a bit, I do have gas still and yes you will notice after having surgery some things will make it worse than others and the smell at times you think will kill you and everyone else in the room. BUT as far as feeling backed up in the poop shoot or bloated – well for me those days are pretty much gone. Now to get really gross… when I have a bowel movement now they are huge, soft and almost as though my intestines clean out all in one poop like a giant snake. I am sorry if I made you throw up in your mouth a bit, but I have to share that so you know there is hope. Yes there will be lots of moments when you are like – where the hell was all of that inside me and then you will smile and be glad it is not and wonder if you should run to the scale and weigh in again.

So to conclude this crappy post of mine know that if you are in the beginning weeks of recovery after Gastric Bypass Surgery and having these issues talk to your surgeon about a stool softener and if you are prior to surgery do the same thing and be prepared for it.

In the end it will all work out (literally).

Want to start your own diary without sharing private moments and thoughts with the internet? This essential guide to what to write in your diary should give you some ideas.

My First Thanksgiving after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Thanksgiving After Gastric Bypass

My very first Thanksgiving since my Gastric Bypass Surgery and I survived without unbuttoning my pants for the first time EVER!! I was very nervous about this holiday since the focus is always on the yummy food, but I am so proud of myself for having some self control.

Holiday Dinners after Gastric Bypass are hard for anyone regardless if it’s your first one or you are years post op. Having all that food and the foods that comfort you at those times can make it so tempting to over eat. Most of the time they are heavy foods such as Appetizers, Potatoes, Candied Yams, Stuffing’s, Pies and rich Desserts etc… Of course all the things we love on the holidays and all the things we now must try and avoid eating lots of. Gone are the days of piling your plate high and doing it twice around.

Thanksgiving was held at my in laws this year – we are all on the holiday rotation. We got there about 3:00 and there was a nice spread of appetizers out to snack on. I brought a cheese platter with cheese, pepperoni, olives and marinated roasted red peppers along with some crackers for everyone and there were lots of other yummy choices too.

Appetizer time is a hard one for me cause it is so easy to just pick pick pick. I tried to make good choices and my brother in law had out some Jumbo Shrimp and cocktail sauce so I had a few of those and then I had some crackers with a piece of cheese on them along with the marinated red peppers (yum). I had some olives and a few tortilla chips with salsa. I did have to tell myself to walk away at some point because my head just wanted to continue to eat.

Originally when it came to dinner I was going to eat off of a salad plate, but I ended up eating on the same plates as everyone else. We sat down for dinner around 6:30.

Just like with the appetizers there was so much food when it came to dinner we really could have fed a small army. So I took all my favorites, but very small portions of them unlike what my plate looked like last year. My rule is to never deprive myself of the things I love – I just eat much less of them. In my before photo of my plate I had Stuffing, Candied Yams, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Corn Casserole and my Turkey with Cranberry Sauce.

I tried to eat all my Turkey first cause ya know the rule – Protein First. Well I did my best because I wanted to be sure to get in some of my other favorites on the plate.

As you can see in my After photo I could not even finish it all.

I was so proud of myself – again my head was telling me to finish it all, but I fought those little devils in there and said NO WAY!!!

For the very first Thanksgiving in as long as I can remember I did not have to unbutton my pants and have that sick to my stomach feeling. In addition to that I actually had a belt on for the first time in years to hold them up. Is that a change or what?

Dessert came out at about 7:30, but being I am not a huge dessert fan (lucky me right?) I just had a couple cups of coffee and besides my pouch was still pretty full and satisfied from dinner.

It was a great time with all my family and all the kids and another accomplishment under my belt (literally cause I had one on).

Kids stayed at my in laws for the night so hubby and I were home alone – I ended up dipping into the leftovers when we got home around 11:00 pm for a tiny portion of corn casserole. My brother in law makes it and it is one of my favs. Then I was up on the computer until about 3:30 am which is so unlike me to be up that late, but before bed I had a small leftover Turkey Sandwich. I did not eat it all – shared it with my 3 dogs – hee hee. I had a nice full belly for bed.

So there you have it my First Thanksgiving since Gastric Bypass – not too shabby!! Hope you all survived and did not over eat as well.

My forty second week after Gastric Bypass


Finally I am back to keeping my Weekly Food Journal!! The last time I posted one was at 22 weeks post op and now here I am 42 weeks post op. That is just crazy – where does the time go?

So for 25 weeks I was very good at making sure to write everything down I ate and keeping a food journal. Then the nice weather came and I kinda got lazy and went on a hiatus as I call it. Well just last week on my 41st week Weigh In the scale went in the wrong direction and I gained 2 pounds. While I did not totally freak about about it because it happens I knew I had to reign myself back in and see if I was doing anything wrong.

I find when I keep a food journal and write everything down that goes in my mouth it stops me from being bad. I just did a this post on When Bad Habits Creep Back because for me I am finding that I am getting a bit to comfortable with my eating. So with that said here is what I ate my 42nd week post op.

Here is what I ate so you can see each day for the forty second week:

(I am gonna add the times on – I did this for the firs time)

November 12th

  • Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer – First thing every day when I wake up
  • 12:45 pm – Bite of leftover pasta, Lean Cuisine – Meatloaf (22 grams protein) and 3 Cookies
  • 3:00 pm – Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer
  • 6:00 pm – 1/2 Ham Steak, 1/2 Cup Cheesy Rice and Green Beans
  • Later in the evening – 1 Twizzler and 2 Starburst Candies
  • 1 Ice Cream Sandwich

Today was beautiful out – sunny and warm for fall. I worked, watched a movie while I ate lunch and then hubby and I washed our trucks.

November 13th

  • Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer – First thing every day when I wake up
  • 12:00 pm – 1 Cupish Split Pea Soup my mother in law made, handful of Potato Chips (Rut Roh) and 1 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 3:00 pm – Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer
  • 6:45 pm – Piece of London Broil, 3 Crab Rangoons (my sister made), 2 Fried Cauliflower Patties (my sister made)
  • 8:00 pm – Handful of Pretzels dipped into Sour Cream (very bad snack)

Today I had a horrible sinus headache and I just bummed around and also took an afternoon nap. My sister came over for dinner and made some yummy new recipes. After dinner I worked for a few online and then went to bed after watching TV and eating pretzels that did not agree with me. Pay Back for a crappy snack. I should have known better.

November 14th

  • Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer – First thing every day when I wake up
  • 11:00 am – Small piece of Cheddar Cheese
  • 1:00 pm – Piece of left over London Broil and 2 Fried Cauliflower Patties and 4 Nutter Butter Cookies
  • 3:30 pm – Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer
  • 6:00 pm – 1 Fried Cauliflower Pattie
  • 7:30 pm – 6″ Veggie Delite Sub from Subway and a few Twizzlers

Today we had some windows installed and while they did that I cleaned the house and watched TV – darn sinus headache yet again. Later at night hubby and I went to Walmart and had Subway. As soon as we got home it was to bed for me due to my headache and my snot eyes – lol.

November 15th

  • Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer – First thing every day when I wake up
  • 12:00 pm – Piece of left over London Broil and 1 pkg of Green Giant Steamed Veggies – Carrots, Beans and Spinach in an Herb Sauce
  • A Few Twizzlers
  • 3:30 pm – 2 Chocolates – I received samples of Ghirardelli Chocolate for my business and had to try a couple – so worth the taste.
  • 4:00 pm – Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer
  • 7:00 pm – 2 Boneless Rib Sandwiches on Hamburger Rolls (26 grams protein)
  • 2 Tiny Whopper Candies
  • Handful of Smoked Almonds

Today I just worked and dealt with that sinus headache yet again. I watched more TV and it was off to bed early for yet another night. What an exciting life huh?

November 16th

  • Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer – First thing every day when I wake up
  • 10:00 am – 2 Cheddar Cheese Cubes
  • 12:00 pm – A few bites of London Broil with Ketchup
  • 3:15 pm – 6″ Italian Sub
  • 5:00 pm – 1/2 Entemanns Donut
  • 5:15 pm – Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer
  • 8:00 pm – Salad
  • 10:00 pm – Small slice of Blueberry Pie

Today I worked and then went out shopping with my sister. That late night Blueberry Pie – again not a good choice and made me nauseous. URGH – what is wrong with me???

November 17th

  • Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer – First thing every day when I wake up
  • 12:15 pm – 2 Salami and Provolone Rolls
  • 1:00 pm – Banana
  • 3:00 pm – 1/2 Soft Pretzel
  • 4:00 pm – Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer
  • 6:00 pm – 1 Hot Dog with Kraut, A Few Cocktail Meatballs and Baked Beans
  • 11:00 pm – 1 Hot Dog with Kraut

Today I was busy cleaning and making food and cupcakes and pumpkin pie for my son and his friends that were coming over for the night. Yes when my kids have friends over I always go above and beyond and they also become taste testers for my business treats – lol. I stayed up late working and then it was off to bed to be up to make the kids breakfast.

November 18th

  • Coffee with Hazlenut Creamer – First thing every day when I wake up
  • 10:30 am – 1 small cinnamon roll, bite of scrambled eggs and 2 small sausage links
  • 2:00 pm – 1 small Popcorn at the movies
  • 6:00 pm – Chinese Food – 1 small bowl of Egg Drop Wonton Soup and some Chicken and Garlic Sauce with White Rice
  • 8:30 pm – 1 small cinnamon roll

Today I slept until 10am – crazy for me I am always up early. Good thing the boys were up really late and were still sleeping when I got up so I still had time to make breakfast. I also had to bring one of my chickens in the house because she is sick – it is my hen Nugget – hoping I can nurse her back to health. I also took my daughter and a couple of her friends to see Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 – OMG it was sooo good. I even ate a popcorn and did just fine with it. I ended up going to bead early cause I was still exhausted from staying up so late the night before – I am such a light weight. Or maybe just old.

So being this was my first time in a very long time logging my food I can see some patterns. To start I do not eat breakfast – I knew that and I know it is not good, but again I have never been a breakfast person. I drink coffee almost until lunch time.

I have always said I do not have a sweet tooth – well that seems to be changing. I seem to need something sweet here and there time to time. As longs as I dot over do it I seem to be ok with the sugar.

I always drink more coffee in the afternoon – I gotta do it or I am a walking zombie, trust me.

Other than that I do not think I did too bad. I am still not eating anything like I did prior to surgery and that 2lbs I had gained the week prior – well I am happy to report that is gone again and plus another. Wooo Hooo. Of this weeks Weigh In I am now down exactly 90 lbs. I am only 10 pounds from losing 100 pounds which is my next goal and I want to do that by my Surgiversary Jan 23rd – which is sooo doable. I am so excited!!

Friday Night Q and A fun with me

Questions And Answer

It is Friday night and I thought I would have a little fun with a Q&A in case anyone wants to know a bit more about me. Yup this is what happens when you get old and have nothing better to do on a Friday night I guess. lol

Feel free to copy and paste the questions I answer in the comment section at the bottom and let me get to know you as well – They are fun questions so what the heck right? Unless of course I am the only one that sits around and does this – lmao. Just be sure to fill it in with your answers.

Ok so here we go….

If you had it to do over again what would you study in school?

If I could go back to school I would go to be a hairdresser. I love to do hair and wish I would have taken advantage of VoTech in High School and learned how to cut and all that fun stuff.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

I love all the colors of Fall. Fall colors is the color palette throughout my whole house. The warm colors make me happy!!! My hubby and kids got me a Sugar Maple Tree one year for mothers day because I love the colors on that tree when they change in the fall – it is my favorite.

What is the best food on a hot summer day?

Cherry Italian Ice – That is a food right?

What is your favorite color?

My very most favorite is Purple and second is Orange. If they sparkle that is even better – I love anything that sparkles. I am all about the BLING.

What grown-up job did you want to have when you were a child?

I always wanted to be a Cartoonist.

What do you believe will last forever?

The love I share with my hubby, and my kids of course.

What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?

I would have to say Frog Legs and they really do taste like Chicken.

What is your favorite condiment?

Mayonnaise and it can only be Hellman’s. I know not the best choice, but I gotta have it full fat and all.

If you had to act your age what behavior would you change?

None – I hate acting my age, being old sucks!!!

What is your favorite thing about winter?

Being at home in the warmth with my blinds up watching the snow fall like I am in a big snowglobe as I sip my Hot Cocoa.

Have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?

Yes for interviews about my business and I use to write a column for a local paper answering party related questions from parents – that was fun!!

What are you afraid of?

Wow – So many things really. I would say death being number one or losing someone close to me.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can flare my nostrils like a bull going for the big red flag. Sounds attractive doesn’t it?

What do you love the sound of?

Birds singing outside and the sound of my kids when they are quiet and get along.

What was your favorite childhood toy?

Hands down my Fisher Price Farm.

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

The Smurfs and Little House on the Prairie.

If you had 10 minutes on a popular TV talk show, what would you talk about?

Duh, Myself of course.

What restaurant do you love even though you know you shouldn’t?

The Jumbo Chinese Buffet – it is truly the best food ever!!!

What poem do you have committed to memory?

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, you look like a Monkey and smell like one too. OK so many I am not to proud of that, nah come on that is funny.

What was your first car?

Sad to say it but it was a 1972 Plymouth Valiant and it was butt ugly.

What do you have an irrational fear of?

Peoples Eyes. Eyes scare me. Like psycho eyes – hard to explain – it is irrational!!

What movie scares you?

There are two – Carrie and The Exorcist. I can watch them over and over and they still freak me out.

What food have you eaten too much of in your life?

Easy one – Bagels!!!

What do you hate the sound of?

When frozen food rubs together – hate that!!!

What song makes you want to dance?

Baby got Back – cause this baby has it!!

What do you think makes a person good-looking?

A great smile and a personality that can get a joke and sarcasm.

What book can you read over and over again?

50 Shades of Grey baby!!!

When did your mouth get you into trouble?

The question should be when doesn’t it.  I have issues speaking before I think every day of my life, but those close to me are now use to it. Oh well – screw em’ lmao.

What candy reminds you most of your youth?

Razzles and Candy Cigarettes – now that is a combo!!

What topic of conversation do you consider boring?

Politics and History – Zzzzzzzzz

What do you love the smell of?

Garlic frying in a pan on a Sunday morning and knowing it will turn into a sauce for a nice Italian dinner.

Have you ever been on tv?

Yes, but just on the news again for my business. I should be on TV regularly – I would make for great entertainment, just sayin’

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

100% I do!!

So that is the end of my random questions and answers, that was fun!! Now you give it a go below i the comments. Just copy and paste and change my answers to yours!!

When Bad Habits Creep Back

Bad Habits

When Bad Habits Creep Back ~ Sounds like the title of a movie doesn’t it? Well for most of us who battle with weight loss it is one that plays over and over regardless if you are on a diet or have had Gastric Bypass Surgery like me.

It has been about 10 months since my Gastric Bypass Surgery and I have noticed myself getting a bit too comfortable in the way I am eating. This is something that would happen to me prior when I was just doing regular diets and one of the causes of all the Yo Yoing. I would get to the point of working so hard to lose the weight and then start to feel really good about myself and say “Hey I can have a second helping of that or that one donut is not gonna kill me”.

For those who think having Gastric Bypass is the cure to all of that are so wrong!! Gastric Bypass is just a tool to help get you started on the weight loss journey and not a fix it all and those who are contemplated the choice of going under the knife need to be aware of that. Bariatric Surgery may make your stomach smaller, but no one is operating on your brain.

The good thing for me is that I noticed the Bad Habits starting to slowly creep their way back into my life and I am going to take control before I go backwards. This past Monday my scale went up 2 pounds on my Weigh In day and it was like a big hand came and smacked me in the face saying “Get control”. Now weight can fluctuate from many things and it may not even be from me over indulging at times, BUT I feel it was something telling me to make some changes. So I will take that as a sign to do just that!!

Some of my recent Bad Habits have been eating Entenmann’s Donuts (not the whole box, but maybe 1 a day here are there), Potato Chips, eating a Bologna Sandwich before bed, and not watching my portion sizes. So not good at all!! I think the worst of all of them has been my portion sizes. I find I usually do not eat breakfast ever (I have never been a breakfast person), I have lunch and it is at Dinner where I usually eat too much.

Now that the cold weather is here I am inside working and not as active as I was when it was warm out. Being stuck in the house makes me depressed and with that comes the big battle of Head Hunger vs. Physical Hunger and that battle just sucks!! Sometimes I wish they did work on my brain when they did the surgery, but they did not and this is where things get tricky.

I have so many more goals to achieve and WILL NOT fail myself. God knows it was such an agonizing decision to have this surgery in the first place – failing is not an option. Could I be immaturely freaking out over just a 2 pound weight gain for no reason? I don’t think so because I can see myself getting overly confident and I am thankful for that weight gain because it is making me reevaluate and refocus on my goals.

So here are some of the changes I am making to make sure I continue on the right road. For one I started up My Weekly Food Journal once again. This way I can see what I am actually eating and trust me having to write it down really keeps you accountable. I stopped journaling over the summer due to being so busy and also a little bit of laziness (yup I am honest).

When I am going to eat or looking for a snack I STOP and ask “Am I really Hungry or just Bored?” – scary thing is more times than not I am bored. This is one of the things that got me to this point in the first place and I know you know where I am coming from if you are reading this.

Since my surgery I have always been able to eat more than others who have had the surgery and I am so nervous I may have stretched my pouch (I may not have, but just cautious). So after Thanksgiving I am going to the 5 Day Pouch Test – this is basically when you feel you may have overdone it and want to shrink your pouch back to the days of that fullness we felt right after.

It goes like this:

  • Days 1 & 2 – Liquid Protein
  • Day 3 – Soft Protein
  • Day 4 – Firm Protein
  • Day 5 – Solid Protein

It is said to work really well and I am willing to give it a try, but I have to get through Turkey Day first and will start it up hopefully the Monday following and post all about it here so you all can follow along and hear my results. To learn all about it you can read about it here: 5 Day Pouch Test. Am I excited to have to do this? Hell no!!! It will not be easy, but going through Gastric Bypass Surgery has not been a walk in the park either so what is 5 days right?

So in conclusion I am only human and do not sugar coat any part of this process EVER. Gastric Bypass Surgery for me has been a life changer and as I always say I have no regrets besides not doing it sooner, BUT as with anything in life there are obstacles. When you hit one and get thrown off course the only thing you can do is stop and work to get back on or you will end up back to the start. I have done that way too many times in life and will not allow that to happen again – the only road I want to travel now is the one that will lead me to the finish line and in cruise control.

Stay Tuned as I continue on my journey…

The scale went in the wrong direction


So for the first time the scale moved in the wrong direction more than 1 pound since my surgery. Yes I confess I gained 2 pounds as of my last Weigh In.

I was kinda shocked when I stepped on the scale this past Monday for my weekly weigh in and saw I went up 2 pounds. Since my Gastric Bypass Surgery there was only one week back in July when my scale went the wrong way and that was only a pound.

I was a little upset with myself considering I just had a party the Saturday before celebrating my weight loss success. Hmmmm maybe I did over indulge at my party and that was the cause of the gain. Well I quickly told myself to not get all in a depression over it because it happens and could be from anything. One thing I did do was start my Food Journal back up to keep a check on what I am eating to reign myself back in. I cannot allow myself to go off course – I have too many more goals to achieve.

I have noticed that I am getting a bit more comfortable with eating and see how easy it can be to slip back into old habits. BUT no way in hell will I let that happen and go back to square one after going through all of this – NO WAY!!! The good thing is that I can see it and have been battling with that damn Head Hunger again that really wants to work its way back in.

Stay Tuned for my next post where I will talk all about it…

My New Truck for the New Me

2001 Ford Expedition

Bye Bye Mommy Van this girl has a new ride. A few weeks ago I bought myself a new Truck that suits the new me much better than my old Mommy Van.

Well it is not exactly new in the way of the year, but it is new to me and it is HOT. It is a 2001 Ford Expedition with tons of upgrades such as the 22″ chrome rims that sparkle just like I do now. I absolutely love it and it is the funny thing is it is so big and I am much smaller now and actually have to climb to get in – that makes me giggle.

My hubby got a Suburban this past summer to pull our boat and I never thought I would be able to handle driving such a big truck, but after I did I fell in love with driving it. In addition to that I felt very safe and being a nervous driver to begin with it really helps. So with that in mind I decided I would get a truck too.

Yes it is not the most efficient when it comes to gas, but being I work from home and not traveling back to forth daily to work that did not matter much to me. My son actually found it for me being sold locally on Craigslist. Funny how he knew exactly what I was looking for – Those big shiny rims sealed the deal for me in addition to all the other extras such as the kick ass aftermarket stereo/navigation system, Halo lights front and back, pristine interior and exterior, how great it ran and of course the price after my hubby did his amazing haggling.

So this chick shed the Mommy Van and now has a hot set of wheels to climb in too. The fun part is now accessories to really make it mine. On my list… Purple running lights. OH yeah Baby – watch out!!!

So many changes for me…Life is Good!!!