Oh Deer!! I ventured to the Mall

So today I ventured to the mall with my daughter to do some Christmas Shopping. BUT on the way there a Deer decided it wanted to commit suicide and use my truck as the weapon.

First let me start by saying I was driving my hubby’s truck a lifted Chevy Suburban because mine needs new windshield wipers and there was a chance for rain. So my daughter and I took the back roads, which out in the country is the quickest way to get to the mall. So we were driving along when to my right in a field I see a Deer running like a bolt of lightening and I had no time to react at all when all of a sudden a loud thump hit the side of the truck by my daughter.

Freaked out I pulled over a tiny bit up the road and looked in my rear view mirror to see this big beautiful Deer lying on the side of the road struggling to get up but could not. My daughter saw it too and started to bawl her eyes out. I made sure she was ok and jumped out of the truck to access the damage and call my hubby. So now I am crying as I do not know what to do – I am a HUGE animal lover and could not leave. Thank god while I was on the phone with my hubby a cop pulled over and another guy to see if we were ok.

I walked to meet the cop and was a blubbering mess as he asked if we were alright. He told me he was going to have to put the Deer out of its misery and to go back in the truck with my daughter and he would come talk to us when he was done. So there I am in the truck waiting with my daughter and we are crying like babies.

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After he did what he had to do he came to talk with us. He told us the other guy who pulled over took the Deer home to feed his family. Today happened to be the last day of Deer hunting season here and he said he has dealt with 10 Deer car accidents this week alone. I am so thankful not only for the fact that we were ok, but that the cop was passing by minutes after and was able to put the Deer down so it did not suffer. Hubby’s truck did get dented and the cop filed a report so if hubby thinks it is bad enough will get it fixed. It is not as bad as I thought it would have been from the thump. I think to myself that if I was in a smaller car how bad it could have been.

I tell ya what an experience that was – I have never had that happened to me and it is rare, but boy when it does it really stinks. So on the way home from the mall we took the long non back roads home.