Crystal Light Mocktails will help get those liquids in

Crystal Light Margraita Mocktails FlavorHave you seen the New Crystal Light Mocktails that are out on the market? I am so excited for these to change things up and help with getting in my liquids, especially with the warmer weather coming.

Last night on Celebrity Apprentice they featured these Crystal Light Mocktails and it was my first time hearing about them. Talk about great marketing huh? I was intrigued for sure. On the show each team had to create a party atmosphere for their task introducing the two newest dink mix flavors which are Pomtini and Peach Bellini.

I have to say both of those flavors sounded so good that I became very thirsty watching them being served up on TV. If it was not 10 o’clock at night I would have run out to the store to get some to try. My water was so unappealing to me watching last nights episode. They are on my shopping list now, just sayin’

These new low calorie mocktails that are alcohol free are perfect for us Gastric Bypass Postopers – don’t ya think? A great way to change things up.

Check out all the flavors that are available :

  • Mojito
  • Appletini
  • Margarita
  • Pomtini
  • Peach Bellini

These sound like a great new fancy way to help me get all my liquids in. The only difference with these is that I will make sure to have a fancy glass to drink them out of just so I can feel extra special – lol. Oh an of course I will be sure to add in a Paper Umbrella Too !!

I have read that these taste the best over a lot of ice, which sounds perfect for the hot days coming up quickly. In addition to that they are also great frozen – just mix some up and add it into a Ice Pop Mold, freeze and you have a tasty ice cold treat to cool you off this summer. Or maybe mix it up with crushed ice for another refreshing treat.

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You can also create your own drinks using these drink mixes as a base and add in things like SF Ginger-ale, Seltzer, Club Soda, Fresh fruits, Mint Leaves etc… YUM !!!

I will update this post when I get my hands on some of these new flavors and make some of my own creations – I am very excited about them.