A Delicious Combo of Coffee and Protein

If you follow my posts you know I LOVE my Coffee. I have now found a new drink combo that combines both my protein and my coffee in a delicious flavorful drink with a grand total of 40.5 grams of protein – Boo Ya!!

I have combined my Protein Shakes and Coffee before (see my post Protein Iced Coffee Concoction), but this is a little bit different. One of my readers (Ryan R) is the one who told me about this combination and is now my new BFF, lol.

Over the summer I received some samples of the Click Mocha Espresso Protein Drink because I was looking for different ways to get in my caffeine and protein. I love this stuff and have combined it just with milk alone and loved it. Lately though I have not been good at getting in my protein like I should and that is when Ryan suggested this drink combo to me.

Here is what the drink combo is:

  • 1 Cup Warm Milk (I just microwaved it) = 8 Grams Protein in 2%
  • 1 Scoop Click Mocha Espresso Protein Drink = 7.5 Grams Protein
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Mix (I used CVS brand which I like) = 25 Grams Protein
  • 1 Cup of fresh brewed Coffee

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I mixed the Proteins in my shaker cup with the milk and then poured that in a bigger cup and mixed in my Coffee. I am not a fan of the Vanilla Protein alone and it has been sitting in my cabinet – I prefer the Chocolate when just making a shake. Well who knew I would love it mixed in with these other items.

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I am so excited to now have a new drink that I love and that is filled with protein since I have been lacking. I drank it warm and because it was so much to drink at once when it got cold I just added in some ice cubes and it was even better cold.

So if you love coffee like me you have to try this – I thank Ryan for this recipe and now I will get in my protein for sure!!! I am actually finishing up one as I type.

Her I am over the summer enjoying my Click Mocha Espresso Drink which is tasty like I said even on its own and it also comes in Vanilla Latte – mmmmm.