I had my first Steak since Surgery

SteakAt the start of me being officially 9 weeks post op I had my very first Steak dinner. Was I nervous? maybe a little, but I could not wait to dig in. I would never know if it did not sit well with me if I did not try right?

Hubby had bought some steaks last week to cook for dinner this week and honestly I think he forgot that Gastric Bypass patients have a fear of steak. A lot of people after Gastric Bypass actually have a hard time eating any meats – even Chicken. Lucky for me I am not one of those. I have had no issues at all with any meat I have eaten, but I had not given into Steak just yet.

I was actually very excited to try because I really missed having it. So while hubby grilled up the steak on the BBQ I made some sides for dinner. I sauteed up some fresh Mushrooms, made some Pasta Roni and Corn.

When we sat down to eat I took a small piece of the Steak which was cooked just the way I liked it – medium rare. I was hoping that would not be an issue, but I figured it would be worse if it were dry and I do not like my steak well done anyways. I also had some of the sauteed Mushrooms and a spoonful of the Pasta Roni. I skipped the corn tonight because it would have been too much – I let hubby and the kids have that.

So I cut up my Steak into small pieces and of course I had some ketchup on the side – like I have said in previous posts – I am a dipper. The first piece I ate was like a 4th of July fireworks explosion in my mouth – it was that good. I chewed it up really good and down it went with no problems at all. It is funny how good food tastes now after Gastric Bypass especially when it has been so long since you have eaten it.

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I continued to eat and had no issues – I did spit a few pieces out if I found I could not chew them up really good (I now that is gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do). So I ended up eating my little piece of heaven Steak along with my sides and I was full. It was crazy to think that I could eat an entire Steak prior to surgery and now I was satisfied on less than a 1/4 of one, that blows my mind.

After dinner I waited for any reaction to my meal and NADA – I did the happy dance to think I can now add Steak to my Eat List.

I know there are many Gastric Bypass patients out there who are terrified to try Steak at all. I say get over it and give it a try. If you have not had much trouble with other meat than go for it. You will never know if you don’t try right? BUT make sure you are allowed to try some at the stage you are at post op.

Again I have been very lucky to have had no issues with pretty much any food that I have tried, well besides the Cereal Incident. I am so thankful for that and feel really bad when I hear or read the troubles others have had with foods. There are plenty of things that I have not tried yet and one never knows if I will react to them – it is like playing a game with your food. But if we do not try we will never know. I will not deprive myself of the things I loved to eat prior to surgery – the only difference now is that amount I can eat. Oh but I will say this – I have yet to try anything heavy with sugar. For me that is no big deal because I am not a big sweet eater. I am sure at some point I will break down for a real Cookie, piece of Cake or Cupcake.

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I know my family reads my blog and so I would like to say “Sorry” to my sister in law Mo who is a vegetarian. You know I am an animal lover, but I like my meat – just sayin’


P.S. I have found writing this blog to be very therapeutic – check out some of the benefits of writing a journal.

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