Cereal is not my friend

Breakfast CerealSo last night I thought I would have myself some cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats which is one of my favorites. Well it turned out to be not such a good idea and I think I know why.

Since my Gastric Bypass Surgery I have not had much trouble with any foods I eat. I just get the occasional grumble in my tummy telling me I either ate too fast or a bit too much. But last night I was craving some cereal and I thought it would be ok for me to eat a small amount of it. So I poured myself some Honey Bunches of Oats with about 1/2 cup of Skim Milk.

I ate it as I normally would prior to my surgery. Within about 5 minutes of finishing it I had the worst pains in my stomach (pouch). It was like I was being stabbed. If I moved it was worse because I got up and tried to walk it off. I did not panic, but it hurt. I got up and grabbed a Gas X and chewed that hoping it would help some and maybe it did a bit, but at that point I just wanted to lay down and be still.

So I went to bed early so I could lay there and not move. When my kids came up to bed they came in to give me a hug and kiss goodnight and I was like stop right there and do not come any closer. I was afraid of them moving me – so we gave air hugs and kisses. I felt bad, but movement is what made it worse. While I was in bed I went online on my phone and researched Cereal after Gastric Bypass. I discovered why I probably felt like I did.

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For starters I did not let my cereal soak up the milk and get soggy – I ate it crunchy. After Gastric Bypass it is also a rule not to drink and eat at the same time because it pushes the food quickly through your pouch. I think these two things were my main issues. I honestly did not even think about it prior to eating it. Boy was I stupid, but I paid the price.

I do not think it was the type of cereal I ate for the nutritional info is not that bad, although there are many other cereals out there that would be a better choice. I just wanted a small amount and it was not going to be a daily thing. Well the fact is it WILL NOT be a thing for me at all – I am banning the cereal from my diet for now. If I cannot eat it crunchy then I do not want it anyways – I am not a soggy cereal person, just sayin’.

I woke up today and my belly still feels not happy – not hurting anything like it was yesterday, but like it is sad (lol). I got the kids off to school and even though I was in bed early last night I was so tired. Hubby said I should go lay back in bed and that is what I did. I slept for another 3 hours and feel a bit better now. I am gonna give my pouch a break today and will have liquids and mushy things and hopefully my belly will be happy again.