Summer winds up and my kids are Back to School

Does Summer have to come to an end? I had the best Summer in a long time and I am so sad to see it is just about over. Noooooo!!!!!

Yesterday the kids went back to school and my emotions are mixed. My son has entered High School into the 9th grade and my daughter went into 7th grade. How did this happen? I feel like I was still changing their diapers yesterday. That saying – Times goes by so fast and before you know it the kids will be all grown were not kidding. Damn them !!!

I know I have been on Hiatus all summer for the most part and not posting so much, but that is because for the first time in a very long time I have had the energy and desire to be up and out doing things. As you all know I work from home and I even avoided that all summer as well. Crazy right?

We did not go on vacation really – just a short visit to NY to see my brother and then non stop guests visiting in between tons of home renovations and construction (which is still not done, just sayin’). Then just a couple weeks ago we could not pass up a deal on a boat my hubby saw so we bought that and the past couple weeks we have been out on the lake.

Can I also add in for the first time EVER my kids never complained they were bored – no really it is true. They kept themselves busy doing their own thing this summer and I so enjoyed them. I am tellin’ ya it was fantastic. But they are back to school now and that means I need to try and get back into my routine and working – UGH. It will take me a couple weeks or so until that happens to make the adjustment because I enjoy spending my time outside while the weather still permits me to do so.

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I was also guilty of not keeping up my Food Journals, it just got away from me and I hope to start that up again. Have I been good with getting in all my proteins etc….? The answer is Nope not at all. I have been been bad at keeping track and staying on top of that as well. Yes my tail is between my legs and even though I have tried really hard to eat protein as much as possible I know I have not gotten in what I should be. So hopefully I can get back into that routine as well.

Now mind you I have not gone back to my old eating ways, but I have strayed a bit more than I should have. For instance 2 times I have picked up a bag of Lays Dill Pickle Potato Chips from the store and nibbled on them over the course of a few days. I guess that is not so bad being I did not sit down eat the entire bag and make myself vomit or anything. I just at times need to have a guilty pleasure and that is one of them.

I have continued to lose weight over the summer and so even with me not being the Gastric Bypass Poster Child the scale has still been my friend. As I am writing this post my last Weigh In was yesterday and I am now down to 212 lbs from my starting weight of 287 lbs prior to surgery. I have always lost slow and steady and the pattern has stayed the same. I am very happy with a weight loss of 75 lbs in just 7 months time – I could have never done that without surgery. I am truly hoping to make that 100 lb weight loss goal before my one year surgiversary.

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So I am still here my peeps and hoping to be posting more, but for now I have to go do some painting of walls in my new office space I would like to get moved into soon. Oh and I will get some new photos up within the next week or so so you can see my progress.

Stay Tuned………