Photos ~ Before and After Gastric Bypass Week 13

Everyone loves to look at before and after photos when people are losing weight and of course I am going to share mine. The photos I am going to share today are from week 13 after my Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Every Monday on my weigh in day I have the hubby do a photo shoot of me so I can watch the transformation. I have him take them from front, back, and sides while dressed. Then for my own stash I also have him take some with me just in my bra and underwear – Yes hubby likes taking those for sure. Those I will not be sharing online of course, but taking those really helps me see the changes.

Well I slacked a bit taking pictures, but had good reason – things got a bit crazy in my home the past couple weeks with my hubby in the hospital and being outside busy with yard work. So because I missed a couple weeks I decided to just take one of me today (Week 13 Weigh In) and put that up against my before picture. As of today I am down a total of 38 lbs – wish it would have been more by now, but what can I do. I gotta stay on this crazy gastric bypass roller coaster ride and just go with it.

Bypass Photos Week 13

So there I am in my mug shots at week 13 (hate these pictures – just sayin’). I am now wearing a size 24 jeans vs. a 26 in my starting photos, but they are HUGE. I just cannot get into a size 22 just yet because of my butt – the waist is so big. I am also avoiding buying any new jeans since warmer weather is coming and I will be wearing shorts. I do have some size 22’s I am trying on and hoping to fit in soon.

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For me I lose weight on top first and I carry the majority of my weight in my butt and legs. I cannot tell you how excited I will be to have thinner legs one day.

As you can see under my big baggy shirt I am not big in the middle, just below. It is truly my butt that holds my pants up so they do not fall off. Even when I was thin back in the day I always had trouble finding pants to fit me right because of my smaller waist. We all carry weight differently I guess.

Yup so there I am – I am losing weight, but slow and steady.